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The Best eLearning Apps for Businesses in 2019

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For a business owner or employee, one of the most pressing needs is how to stay on top of trends and grow in a competitively tough market. 

Solving this problem was relatively difficult in the past and primarily involved gathering and compiling data from different crude sources. Employers and employees also had to travel far distances to acquire new knowledge and skills, which often left them stressed out. Even worse was that the growth of a company was indirectly affected by this primitive way of leveling up.

Fast forward to the times we live in, the internet and the emergence of new consumer patterns mean that anyone living in any part of the world can leverage the power of e-learning apps to acquire almost any knowledge or skill(s) that they want.

The challenge though is that every day, new e-learning apps enter the market. So it becomes somewhat difficult for an enterprise or employee to determine the best e-learning apps for businesses. This article has been written to help you solve that problem. Below are the most valuable e-learning apps to leverage in 2019:

1. Udemy

Udemy is arguably the best resource provider for organizations or employees that want to acquire new knowledge and skills from a remote location. A plethora of trending courses offered by industry experts and professionals are available on Udemy for less than $20, and even though you may have to pay more for some advanced courses, you can be sure that it will be well worth it. 

You can use the keyword search tool on the site or mobile app to find and browse through their gallery of courses covering different fields of business, including yours!

2. Moodle Mobile

If you have been using the internet for some time now, you might be familiar with Drupal since it used by some enterprises as a content management system for education web portal development. 

Drupal was created from the Moodle platform. The mobile version of Moodle gives the best LMS (Learning Management Software) experience and allows higher ED and enterprise level organizations to prepare training/educational courses for employees easily.

Moodle is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

3. iTunes U

With iTunes U, you can access a vast library of instructional content by signing up for a free or paid account. 

The application features not only built-in business and skill development courses, but also goes one step further by providing a channel that helps an enterprise or business owner to create customized courses. These courses can also be distributed to employees or customers with free or restricted access. 

iTunes U is only available on iOS mobile devices.

4. WordPress

If we were only writing about content management systems (CMS), then WordPress would deserve  first spot in the list. WordPress does not provide a learning resource for businesses, but it does allow them to create and manage instructional content for employees.

As a highly reputable open source PHP-based web development platform, WordPress can host everything a CMS needs for eLearning. You can use the application for writing content, editing, posting, commenting, adding visuals, and reporting.

You can also provide real-time access to staff through the secure multiple user access feature on WordPress. 

5. Apple Keynote

This application is Apple’s most significant contribution to the eLearning niche. It provides all the tools that are available on PowerPoint, thus, allowing you to create a presentation on the go. 

The best thing about Apple Keynote is that you can save the presentation on Cloud storage like iCloud or Dropbox. You can also export the presentations in various consumable formats and share them with your employees or customers.

6. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

As the name suggests, this application provides an interactive platform that facilitates sharing of whiteboard lectures in real-time. It allows you to create animations, record audio-video lessons, annotate images/photos as well as integrate sharing of your content on top social networking sites. 

So, if you’re looking for a tool to create simple to complex lessons on general to technical topics quickly and effectively, you can try out the Educreations Interactive Whiteboard mobile application for iOS.

7. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

BCM is another popular educational management system with tons of utilities for corporate learning. 

It enables business owners to arrange real-time web conferences and also participate in third-party conferences. BCM’s top features include a rich UI with impressive features such as chat, whiteboard content, show presentations, and live QA sessions. 

The application is available for installation on iOS and Android devices.

8. BoostHQ

Of all the e-learning apps we have covered so far, BoostHQ provides a slightly different approach to e-learning since its primary focus is allowing businesses to share content with employees and a broad audience easily. 

It allows detailed information sharing and top-notch personalization for training and real-time updates. As an enterprise, you can set up a centralized resource library and initiate group discussions without breaking a sweat.

9. Skill Pill

Skill Pill is famous for providing bite-sized training videos that teach employees vital lessons on a range of topics including customer service, management, sales, and marketing. The service probably adopted the name “Skill Pills” because their videos are eponymous as “pills” and are dedicated to helping users to learn and improve their “skill.”

Aside from assessing the rich business-oriented video courses on Skill Pill, companies can use this e-learning app to create customized videos (pills) that they want to share with employees and customers.

10. E.Learning Age

E.learning Age is a famous UK-based magazine’s mobile version available on both iOS and Android platforms. It provides news, case studies, and research papers on eLearning topics. 

Current publications in the magazine are available on the mobile application with extra options to bookmark articles, highlight useful texts or save for later reading. This e-learning age mobile application is an ideal tool for morning learning drills and is used by top business owners and employees in the U.K and beyond.


While you may want to leverage free or paid e-learning apps to help your employees stay productive, you may also want to consider creating a customized e-learning app for your business. Magneto IT Solution has helped several e-commerce companies as well as firms in other industries to achieve this feat. You can check Magneto’s portfolio and discuss your app idea with its team of highly talented and expert e-learning app developers.

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