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7 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer before Hiring Them

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It is essential for clients to consider their Web Designing Agency as a significant role player in their brand’s marketing. A business website today is arguably more important than a business card. Hence, the job done by your Web Designer is a make or break marketing strategy for your business. 

Web Design and Development are both skills that anyone with a computer and internet access can learn in no time. They have also become something that all brands, whether big or small, look for when it’s time to put their business out there. This might explain the large and continuously growing pool of web designers available for hire today across the world. 

It is understandable for a client to feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a designer. Some designers may propose the most functional designs for your website while others may make it look minimal and sleek. You may feel yourself inclining towards a certain design agency solely because of their extensive years of experience or towards another for their convincing rates. 

But before you rush into making a decision, take a step back and think it through. There are a few questions you should definitely ask yourself before hiring a Web Designer. 

What Services Will They Offer?

Alongside Web Design, a lot of agencies can provide web development, hosting, copywriting, e-commerce solutions, and digital marketing services – for example, Digital Gravity, a custom web design company in Dubai.

Most clients tend to think that all of these services are similar, but in reality they are not. Each one requires a different skill set. 

While it is more feasible to hire an all round company, it is also important to ensure that they are good at each job. A company may specialize in one particular area while only getting the job done in another.

Do They Custom Design Websites or Use Ready-Made Templates?

Some web design agencies may create default site templates to save on time and money, and then make changes to it accordingly when needed. While this may be something a small business wouldn’t mind, brands trying to establish their own unique identity may not settle for a pre-made design. They may want their Web Designer to design each page and its aspects according to their look, from the start. 

Consider the two choices and what your business website needs, before choosing a designer.

Will They Provide Examples of Their Previous Work?

It can be very useful for you to study a web agency’s previous work before deciding to hire them. A good website should not just look good. Find out whether the designer sticks to a particular theme or design, or if he can provide various unique ones. Check the quality of the websites. Do they run smoothly? Is navigation through them easy or complicated? Do the styles, font and images complement the respective business? Analyze if things are placed intelligently. Study a designer’s previous projects which might raise more questions about your own. 

Will They Thoroughly Study Your Current Website Before Designing?

Your website may have certain pages that are already generating credible performance and may not need significant changes. Ask your designer if they will examine your existing website’s statistics to find out its strengths and weaknesses so that they only make necessary changes. 

How Will They Manage Your Project?

Usually designing a website involves four definite stages:

1) Strategy and Research

2) Design

3) Site Development

4) Launch and Evaluate

Ask your designer to give you details about how they will manage your project. This includes information like who should you reach out to if you have queries about your project or who’s heading your project. You can ask for a predicted timespan for each step in the process, when and how you will receive updates regarding your website’s development and how each task is managed.

How Much Input Will You Have In Your Website?

Your designer should inquire about your website vision before doing any work and fully comprehend what it is you want.  So questions regarding your business should be expected. 

Additionally, their curiosity about what kind of websites you like or showing you samples to gauge your reaction may also suggest the likelihood of diversification in the agency. They should be trying to determine the type of look and feel you want, as well as what should or should not be included in your site. 

You should be able to require certain strategic details about your site and ensure that the aspects you want to see are there and running smoothly. Most firms allow their clients to co-direct and plan their website’s design. Yet, it is always best to be sure that you have enough control over how your design will turn out. 

What Happens if You Don’t Like the Initial Design?

Find out what the agency’s policy is on design revisions and changes. An agency’s first project agreement may allow for a limited or unlimited number of changes. There also may be finalization agreements that need to be completed before settling on a design. So, you may get to preview many times before you decide to publish a design. Check with your agency to find out what their terms are regarding this.

The above are all important questions to review with your web designer. The answers are not only beneficial to you but to your designer as well, allowing the designer to get a better insight into what you want for your website.  

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