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You May Be Relying a Little Too Much on Your PPC Campaign: Know What You Can Do to Complement It

While your PPC campaign might be working efficiently for you, the question is how you define ‘efficient’. Can it be any better?

Well, almost 75% companies struggle with optimizing conversion rate for their campaigns. Are you sure of being out of this lot?

Well, even if you are, relying too much might fail you in the long run. To help your campaign with that, here is what you can do to enhance conversions on your ad campaign.

Tips to enhance your PPC campaign and boost conversions

1. Refine your content

The first step to improvise your ad campaign is to refine your content.

Start with creating sensible content and persuade your readers with the same. While you create new pieces or refine your old ones, these tips will help you.

  • Be clear with words. The first thing that a piece of content needs to be is clear with words.Be it your ad copy or content on your landing page, it needs to be clear with words.The aim is to eliminate ambiguities and be easily understandable. You make your audience think and you lose it.
  • Keep it concise. The ability to convey more in a lesser number of words will always be valued.Understand this and implement whenever you create or update content.If I got you wondering, it is about making your prospect’s journey easy by not making them read huge blocks of text or watch 5 minute long videos for nothing (if that’s the form of content that you create).
  • Try to be compelling. The aim of creating content is to drive your users down the conversion funnel.How you can do that? By creating content that is compelling.We’ve all come across compelling content pieces which made us click. Either the offer, or the copy, or the image or anything else. Something about that piece made use click.That’s how you be compelling. So, think it through and try to be as compelling as possible with your content.

2. Use the right images

An image is worth a thousand words. This statement holds true for every campaign.

For further understanding, let us look at this example below.

Below here is the landing page of a Dutch house selling firm.


In the first look, nothing seems wrong with the page. Content is clear. Colors are nice. The form is short. Everything on point, right?

Maybe yes, maybe no!

The image on this landing page says ‘Need help?’. Which is fine. It tells the users that this company is eager to help. But then it’s just nice. And nice doesn’t always beat the competition.

The firm understood this and tried replacing this image with one of a man placing a signboard saying ‘Sold’ over a signboard saying ‘For Sale’.


This minor change boosted this landing page’s conversion rate by 89%.

This simply indicates that images on landing pages play a vital role when conversion rates are concerned. What you need to do is make use of this and use images which are more actionable and more suited for your landing page.

3. Work on your website speed

Your conversion rates might be really good.

The campaign would be converting and everything would be going in the right direction. But is your campaign optimized to the max?

Website speed is one landing page conversion aspect which is often ignored. But if you win at it, you’ve won a huge part. Don’t believe me?

Nearly half of the daily internet users lose interest in a website which takes longer than two seconds to load.

Now, ask yourself. Does your site load in two seconds?

Well, the point is, if your site loads slow, this is high time you take some action.

What you can do is take a website loading speed test using GTMetrix or Google Pagespeed insights. These tests will tell you about the roots and reasons making your website slow.

The next thing you need to do is pick these issues one by one and resolve them.

Note: Fixing website speed might require you to get into your website’s cPanel. If you don’t have any experience with using cPanel, consult someone who has.

Messing up with the cPanel can mean messing up with your whole site.

Final words

PPC is a great way of selling. But then it involves money on stake which is why it needs to be carried out carefully.

If you are starting off with PPC for your eLearning software, eLearning Industry’s PPC network can be a great bet for you. But before that, you need to make sure that your elearning course is an effective one.

For other products and services, other networks like Google AdWords can be of great use.

In this article, we talked about how you can optimize your PPC campaign to get better results out of it.

We hope this was useful.

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