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9 Tech Tips for Small Businesses

Getting your business dream rolling is not that easy. One needs to have a planned approach in regards to various aspects like budgeting, marketing, manpower hiring etc. If the scale of your business is medium or micro (that is small scale business) then planning and strategizing becomes all the more important.

For a small business (for large scale as well) the real strength is its workforce. The reason is quite simple. A small scale business doesn’t have the capacity to adopt a technology-driven initiative on a large scale and hence rely on labor-intensive routes for enhancing productivity. As a result, Small scale businesses become the net job creator in the economy.

To hire need-specific manpower (an initial step in your business setup process) you have to reach out to those headhunters who are providing manpower solutions on demand. Say for example you require technically efficient manpower then opting for technical headhunters would be the right option.

Technical Headhunters can bring you the desired, skilled and efficient manpower that can add value to your business. Talking about value to the business, technology is one of the greatest resources that you can use to maximize your business.

From marketing and promotion to creating a reach and name for your business you can utilize technology for any number of purposes. Moreover, smart use of technology can also help you in cost-cutting and maximizing the benefits out of available sets of resources. 

So, if you are into a small business operation or are looking to set up a small scale business, then you shouldn’t avoid exploring the benefits of technology. If you are looking for some tips in that regard, then hold on, we have something for you.

Below are some technology tips that you can use to maximize the performance of your business.

Power of the Cloud

Gone are the days’ businesses use files to maintain accounts, important data, and statistics. Today cloud computing is the new king. By shifting the data to the cloud, you ensure that the data is available to all the members of your organization in real-time. 

Moreover, the members of your organization can access the data from anywhere at anytime and make changes as per their needs. One of the benefits is transparency because any change or edit is visible to all members. 


Digital marketing is the word when it comes to promotion and branding these days. Even if you want to reach the potential market/audience within your geographical domain you can’t rely only on offline methods of promotion/marketing.

Technology can be used to give a smart touch to your marketing. Connect with your audience using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and save your time and money on offline channels like hoardings or pamphlets. A good idea is to also get a personalized mobile app for your business, if possible.

E-mail for communication

E-mail is one of the most effective yet underutilized channels of communication. In small (or even large) business operations, you can connect with all the members through emails or the inbuilt chat option (for example in Gmail).

This offers quick, smooth and efficient communication with office workers as well as employees who are in the field. So, use your email effectively.

Effective Management

Effective management and business growth go hand in hand. To manage various aspects related to business like human resource management and operations management, work management technology can be of great assistance. 

Use of Enterprise management software for keeping a track of various aspects related to business is a good idea to keep things streamlined and organized. Real-time data update, management, and retrieval makes it all the more easy for you to manage.

Payment and settlements

Manage all your business related Payment & Settlements through online channels. Be it employee salary processing, payment collection from clients or payment to suppliers/support providers, online channels are the way to go. This saves on costs and allows for the creation and maintenance of E-records.

Skill Enhancement of Workforce

Acquiring new skills is necessary for workers (and your business) to keep pace in a rapidly changing world. Using traditional textbook-based methods is not an option for training your workforce.

Technology can be a great help in this regard. Online modules, video lessons, and simulation software can help in providing a holistic learning ecosystem for office workers. What’s more, employees can continue to learn from home and even during holidays through channels like audio-video lessons. Small business LMS brings it all together and allows to achieve results in a shorter time.

Connection and Collaboration

Technology can help you in easing the way you connect and collaborate with your clients and partners’. Imagine if you have a client outside your geographical domain and you want to present a proposal to him or want to have a discussion in regards to services offered by you. Video conferencing can be an effective way to do that. 

You can also use this method to connect with your employees or firms/partners with whom you are collaborate.


Technology can be a great way to connect with potential employees and to hire them. Platforms like Linkedin offer you a great chance to connect and choose from a number of potential and qualified candidates and thereby save on time and resources.

Customer satisfaction

Technology can help you achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Replying to service requests, settling grievances or any customer concerns can be addressed within seconds by technology utilization.

You can create an instant connect with the customer and can ensure your creditability by offering timely and need-based assistance.

We hope these important business tech tips will assist you in modernizing and optimizing your business operation. For any other help, feel free to connect with us.

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