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7 Things You Should Point Out to Make Your Selling Proposition Outstanding

In today’s world, people will hardly come across a lack of choice in any area of life, and the same can be said for your prospective customers. If they are looking to spend their money on a product, service, or a solution, they will have a tough time making a decision, simply because of the abundance of different options that are at their disposal. Now, if you are running a business, you have multiple tools and methods at your disposal for standing out in the crowd, and one of the most effective ones is your unique selling proposition. 

Your selling proposition is a statement that clearly and concisely illustrates the difference between you and your competition and provides strong reasons why your product or service is a better option than all the others that are on the market. This is not easy to do, which is why you should check out our list of seven things you need to keep in mind when putting together your unique selling proposition. 

1. Think Like a Customer

A lot of businesses get carried away and focus on the features their product has to offer. Regardless of how unique they are, customers don’t care about them, and in most cases, they don’t even know what those features are for. Instead, according to Martha Howard, who works as a marketer for Paper Writing Pro Service, you should focus on the benefit for the user in your unique selling proposition. Let’s take Uber as an example, and their selling proposition, which focuses on the ease of use. You simply tap to order a ride, the driver already knows where they should go, and payment is cashless. All user-oriented benefits.

2. Identify the Reason Why Your Customers Have Chosen Your Product

Nowadays, you have plenty of ways to gather valuable feedback from your customers, such as social media, your website, and even various survey tools. But, according to Jeremy Stanton, who works in the marketing department of Rushmyessay, another thing that you can do is visit your competitors’ stores and see which methods they are using to convince customers to buy their product, and if you want to gather even more specific data, you may even ask their customers about their reason for purchasing that particular product, and then use that knowledge to improve your own selling proposition.

3. A Little Personality Goes a Long Way

According to Elizabeth Enfield, who works as a marketing expert for, having just one charismatic employee, or even the company’s CEO, who will represent the values of the brand, can work wonders. Take for example, Elon Musk. Electric cars have been around for a while, but Tesla is the only company that has been able to make them look and feel cool, thanks to Elon Musk, who has been dubbed the “real life Tony Stark” on more than one occasion. His personality is part of the reason why all his companies are so successful.

4. Solve a Problem for Your Customers

Solving a problem for your customers is easy if you are selling something that is designed specifically for solving problems, such as power tools. However, not all industries are as uncomplicated as that one. For instance, if your company is selling makeup, cosmetics, or perfumes, there are no obvious problems to be solved. But what you can do is market your products as something that will provide a dash of style and glamour to your prospective customers, and make them feel confident and desirable.

5. Make an Elevator Pitch

Once you have identified your ideal customer, explained all the benefits of your product, how it will solve their problems, and why it’s better than your competitors’ products, you should focus on making your pitch even shorter, like an elevator pitch. You won’t have a lot of time to capture your customers’ attention, so treat your selling proposition as you would treat an ad, which needs to make the benefits clearly obvious right away.

6. Make a Promise

Making a promise to your customers and delivering on it is one of the best ways to attract those customers. That is what FedEx has done right from the start. For example, they offer a service which guarantees that they will deliver your package anywhere in the world overnight. Not only do they fulfil a very specific need, but they also solidify that with a promise, which has helped boost the company’s image.

7. Be Unique Instead of Being the Best

In every industry, you will find a bunch of businesses claiming that they are the best. Whether they are or not is beside the point, because with everyone saying the same thing, it puts things at status quo. Instead, you should try and be more unique. We mentioned Uber earlier. They do the exact same thing as any cab company, but they do it in a way which is so easy and natural that it’s impossible not to choose them.


With these seven effective tips, you will be able to make a unique selling proposition that will help you boost your sales in no time, as well as help you find out more about your customers in the process. Good luck!

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