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5 Hot Careers to Pursue in 2019

“Content Marketing professions” and “Online Sales professions” appear in lists like these every year because they are always in demand, but many times they are difficult careers to get into. Yet, the fact that experts in these fields are always in demand, however, means it pays to put in the effort and hard work to secure careers in these professions and the professions listed below. Here are five hot careers to pursue in 2019.

Hardware, Digital and Software Security Testers

The unseen and unknown villains of our time are trying to break into everything from your wireless home alarm system to your AI Car. Technology is everywhere, which means security threats are more present than ever. It is not just a case of breaking into your Windows or Apple desktop computer, you are now vulnerable via a number of avenues from your many online accounts and social media networks to your mobile device and wireless heating system. Want to enter one of the biggest and yet little known job growth areas, then become a security tester. 

  • Can you solve problems better than your friends?
  • Are you willing to learn something new every week?
  • Do you have the patience to try everything, fail, and still keep trying?

Content Marketing

Content marketing experts are still in great demand because both search engines and social media networks are not making it easy for small-and-medium operators to succeed. Content marketing requires constant attention from a team of planners, producers, analyzers and directors. It may be difficult to get a job as a content marketer but try not to be fooled by the title. For example, many reputation managers, social media administrators and brand managers are doing the same job as many content managers.

  • Can you promote a page, a website, a product?
  • Are you able to manage the reputation of a product or website?
  • Do you know how to get strangers to engage with a piece of content?

Fully Employed and Freelance Proofreaders

Google Hummingbird changed the freelance writing world. It made Middle-Eastern writing mills and overseas link farms worthless. As a result, websites needed original and high quality content, and there were far fewer people to undercut domestic writers. Freelance writing, however, is not as easy as it seems, and many people discovered that they need their work proofread, which is why proofreaders and companies such as Grammarly are doing so well. 

Proofreading is very difficult to scale up. Because of time constraints, output is restricted and only a few clients can be handled comfortably. That is why no single proofreading group dominates the industry and is also why it is easy for new proofreaders to find paying work.

  • Can you work diligently and to a high quality standard for extended periods of time?
  • Are you qualified in the English language?
  • Do you have the discipline and attention span required for the job?

Online Sales Managers

Salespersons are always considered a valuable asset, and online sales managers are just as valuable as the people in flashy suits and in offices. If you can prove that you can set up a working, testable and repeatable sales funnel that pulls down consistent numbers with very little come-back/shrinkage, then you will quickly find a job with any middle-sized to large company. 

  • Can you take people on a digital journey in order to make a sale?
  • Are you good with numbers and analysis?
  • Do you know how to take strangers from a question to a sale?

Software Developers

The US government claims that there will be 1,084,600 software developers in the USA by the year 2026. When you consider that there are already over 831,300 software developers in the USA today, then their predictions do not seem so absurd. There are plenty of reasons to ignore the numbers when it comes to finding a new career (as mentioned in the conclusion) but based simply on the number of software developers there are in the USA right now, it is fair to say that learning how to code is a valuable skill that may lead to a good career in the future. 

  • Can you work for hours while paying great attention to detail? 
  • Are you willing to update your knowledge every few months?
  • Do you know how to code and are you willing to learn more coding languages?

Conclusion – Ignore the Numbers Regarding Fastest Growing Jobs

The fastest growing occupations are not the hottest careers. For example, according to the 

US bureau of labor statistics employment projections, Solar and Wind energy technicians are the fastest growing job category, but that is only because there are currently 30 in the US and there will be 60 by 2026. Use common sense and ask yourself which industries are booming, and you will find the hottest careers. Look around at businesses that are experiencing growth and that are likely to be around in 20 years before picking your career path. 

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