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Newswire PR Services

Newswire is one of the well-known companies providing distribution of releases and other PR services. It is a press release distribution service, offering a complete number of solutions for businesses.

What does Newswire offer?

The wire service doesn’t only provide distribution of releases. It also offers media database, media monitoring, media outreach, newsrooms, influence, and writing service.

Let’s check their services one-by-one:

Wire Distribution

Successful distribution is key to getting your news in front of your target audience. Choosing the wire service appropriate for your business needs can help boost brand awareness, attract new audiences and position you as an expert in your industry.

Choosing a press release distribution provider is not an easy task. Decisions shouldn’t be made without careful research. 

Remember that the service can assist you in reaching your business goals. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll land publicity.

When making decisions, consider the following factors:

  • A reputable service that has been in the PR industry for many years. 
  • They should have an approachable customer service support.
  • The platform should provide an easy-to-use press release submission process.
  • They should provide a wide distribution of your news.
  • They should offer an analytics report that measures important metrics of your campaign.
  • They should have a wide network of journalists, influencers and media outlets relevant to you.
  • A service that will assist you to reach your target customers across different channels.
  • Check the features and benefits they can provide.
  • Pricing should be a major consideration.
  • Consider their bonus or added services.

Newswire Wire Distribution

Newswire provides a number of distribution plans or packages, including single distribution, monthly and annual. It also offers a customized distribution plan for clients looking for more customization.

Single Distribution Plan

There are four single distribution plans the service offer: Premium, Premium Plus (most popular), State Newsline, and National Newsline. A business that wants a one-time issuing of a release can choose from the above subscriptions.

The Premium, Premium Plus, State Newsline, and National Newsline costs $119, $359, $699, and $1, 199 respectively. The basic plan provides media distribution to a premium network of 250 + outlets and Google News inclusion, while the highest plan provides additional PR Newswire distribution to 1, 000 outlets, Yahoo, Business Journals, Reuters and AP distribution. 

Check out the media distribution, features, upgrades, and analytics each plan provides:

Distribution to 250+ media outlets
PR Newswire distribution  
Google News
Associated Press  
Business Journals    

Another important factor to consider when picking a press release service is its its features. You need to know if the wire service is offering the feature important for your business. 

Traditional reach state print, radio, and TV    
National reach in TV, newspapers, radio, and magazines      
2-tier editorial process from PR Newswire  
Publish notification via email
Share PR preview
Auto-post on FB and Twitter
Up to 6 hyperlinks
Up to 4 images
Embed a video
Industry list 1 2 3 3
Add additional file

Aside from the features and media distribution, you could consider an upgrade if it matters to your campaign. They offer one featured image with PR Newswire and expedited release processing for the upgrades.

You will not know the outcome of your campaign without an analytics report. Consider a service that can provide you with reports that can measure the metrics. You need to know how it performed, who picked up your story, or how many site traffic you received via the release.

Newswire offers a detailed analytics report for all the single distribution plans. All the plans also come with the PR Newswire visibility report except for the Premium plan.

One featured image with PR Newswire   Add-on Add-on
Expedited release processing    
Detailed analytics report
PR Newswire visibility report  


Monthly Distribution Plan

There are three monthly distribution subscription plans: Professional ($399/ month), Small Business ($699/ month), and Enterprise ($1, 599/ month). The Professional, Small Business, and Enterprise subscriptions include 2, 4, and 15 premium PRs respectively.  

The most popular package is the Small Business plan where clients can take advantage of a 15 percent discount on wire distribution packages. It comes with all the media distribution features indicated under the single distribution plan. The monthly plans offer additional features: newsroom, media database, media monitoring, and influence.

Annual Distribution Plan

For the annual distribution subscription plans, businesses can take advantage of its 20 percent off offer. The Professional is priced at $317/ month, Small Business is $558/ month, and Enterprise is $1, 271/ month. The most popular is the Small Business under the annual subscription that gives a  savings of $141. 

They are offering clients a distribution plan for more customization. It’s an easy way to come up with a distribution strategy that fits every business’ needs and budget.

Again, when making decisions, you need to consider several factors, such as your business goals, budget, distribution, and a service that offers analytics. At the end of the campaign, you should know if it is successful or not, and whether you reached your goal.

Writing Service

Some companies need help when writing releases. It’s not easy to craft a release. It is different from an article or blog. 

There are rules to follow just like in journalism. Therefore, for startups, it is daunting to go through the process. Hiring a wire service that also offers writing can be a big advantage.  

If you don’t have time, or you don’t have a content team who can write your releases, Newswire offers a writing service. It follows a 3-step process: the clients tell their story, review, and final distribution and approval.

Newswire provides a professionally written release following the AP style, quick turnaround time of 48 hours, unlimited revisions, and 1-on-1 support. They have a team of U.S.-based journalists writers. The writing service is priced at $249 per release.

The service provides skilled and professional writers who know what your relevant media wants. They also know what stories interest your audience.

They produce releases that are optimized for the search engines. They know how search engine optimization (SEO) works. They follow strict standards when writing, including the AP style of writing.

Media Monitoring

Monitoring is important to know the outcome of your campaign. You need to listen to what others are saying about your brand. Measuring the impacts of your PR effort can guide you in your future campaigns. 

Media monitoring is important for several reasons:

  • It helps you build a strong brand. By knowing what people are saying about your brand and business, you can improve your communications and business strategy.
  • It can associate your brand with key opinion leaders or thought leaders in your industry. 
  • It can help you respond to crises and manage your reputation.
  • You’ll identify your industry competitors and you’ll know the flow in your industry.
  • You’ll be able to monitor the impact of your communications. 
  • You can identify your competitors in the industry.
  • You can plan for a stronger marketing and communication campaigns.

Newswire offers media monitoring for a price of $649 per month. The package comes with real-time SMS and email notifications, unlimited alerts, sentiment analysis, PF reports, language support, advanced search filters, news clipping feature and 3 users.

Unlimited alerts
Real-time email notifications
Real-time SMS notifications
PDF reports
Sentiment analysis
News clipping
Language support English, Spanish
Advanced search filters
Users 3


Media Database

In public relations, it’s important for a business to identify who is interested in writing about you. It’s where a media database comes handy. It compiles the names and information of journalists, influencers, bloggers and other media.

Different platforms provide different information. However, a database may contain information, such as names of journalists covering your niche, their most recent work, and how to reach them through email.

Having access to a media database can save you a lot of time and effort. It lessens the time to research and build your list from scratch. 

Newswire’s media database costs $499 per month, consisting of 1.7 million media contacts. It includes features like unlimited queries, unlimited list, full contact profile, filtering options (negation, beats, role, outlet, geo), data export, journalist’s articles, import your own contacts, personal notes section, campaign scheduling, integrated email campaign management, custom email messaging/ bulk campaign, email templates, and campaign analytics. A targeted media campaign bundled with PR writing is also a great option for clients looking for a different feature. 

Companies can easily create their own media list. The wire service offers a custom media list that can be edited anytime by its clients.

Campaign tracking features and analytics provide an opportunity for their clients to measure the performance of their campaign. It gives insights on the effectiveness of a pitch, including the click rates and open rates lists.

Unlimited queries
Unlimited lists
Filtering options(Geo, negation, beats, role, outlet)
Data export
Full contact profile (phone, email an Twitter handle)
See the journalist’s articles
Import your own contacts
Personal notes section
Campaign scheduling
Integrated email campaign management
Email templates
Custom email messaging
Campaign analytics


Media Outreach

Media outreach is the process of contacting different media outlets and pitching a story with the hope of landing publicity. Brands can have different media strategies.

However, you can’t just reach out to journalists and media outlets. You need to offer something relevant to their readers. Offer a story that their audience will be interested to read. 

Prior to pitching, you need to develop relationships with your target media. It can help increase the odds of landing publicity.

The aim of each publication is to boost readership. Without it, it is impossible for them to gain profits. As a tip, you need to know what a publication needs and offer something that is unique and interesting.

Newswire offers unique features that include professional white-Globe service, customized media list, personalized messages with links and images, seamless distribution, lead list, and a tracking report.


A company newsroom contains mostly the communications of a brand such as press releases. Newswire’s newsroom features are available for the monthly and annual distribution subscriptions. It is a web-based CMS that enables brands to create their own press pages containing press releases, events, social media access, press kits, biographies, and many other communications. 

It is a newsroom that can serve as a useful tool for journalists looking for resources. They can find the company’s information, news and multimedia assets, such as images, videos, articles, blogs, and releases. It is optimized for the search engines for easy visibility. Clients can choose from their array of newsroom templates.

Maintaining a newsroom costs $299 per month. The main features of newsrooms include releases, self-publishing module, social media integration, PR contacts, multimedia, custom URL domain, multiple templates, adaptive-responsive site, email database management, email alerts and broadcasts, event calendar, executive biographies, and press kits.

Press Release Planner 

Newswire can help brands looking for a personalized press release distribution plan. A planner for your release helps brands organize their events and campaigns. It streamlines the process of distribution by making sure that everything is in place. 

Having a professional service to guide you along the process can speed up the process. It also boosts the chance of success since everything is done according to a plan.

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