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What is It Like to Work for a Crypto Startup?

Some people say that working in crypto at the moment resembles being the star of the party – everyone would like to meet you and get to know you, definitely get to know your work. Crypto is a popular topic at the moment and it’s normal that people would want to know more. Many people outside of the industry want to find out what this mysterious new thing is. Is it legal? Can you get rich with crypto? Does it funnel terrorists and other criminals?

People are confused for a reason – crypto is a complex subject. When you are on the outside, so many things seem confusing. Especially if you want to start working with crypto startups and you can’t decide on whether to leave a big corporate job for something more adventurous. So, there are some things you need to know before making this big decision. Here are some of those things:

Crypto industry is on the rise

This is definitely one of the top perks. It’s new, fresh and provides a challenge for anyone who may want such a thing. The industry is huge and growing still. The market will be worth more than $1 trillion this year. This trend keeps accelerating. 

“Some of the best, biggest and most successful startups are in crypto and there is a lot of capital invested in these companies. And while people come with their own prejudices and stereotypes, the industry is quite different from what you may have expected,” Says Lee Ann Jarmush, a Business Writer at Brit student.

It’s full of brilliant people

Startups often attract brilliant people. But it’s more than that – it takes someone willing to take risks and to overachieve to get into crypto startups. These are the people that want to make an impact. Crypto startups attract people who are geniuses in tech and finance at the same time because the crypto industry offers some of the best opportunities for learning and innovating. There are mathematicians, blockchain experts, cryptographists and so on. Everyone is on their best game and it’s both fun to watch and be a part of. 

Crypto is legitimate 

“Traditional finance people often think that crypto is full of anarchists. But, in fact, these are the people that bring more integrity to the industry. It’s becoming more mainstream and it needs rules and diligence and the accuracy that comes with finance,” says Peter Hall, a Recruiter at Australia2write.

It brings people together

Crypto attracts all kinds of people – all kinds of people are needed. There are tech engineers and financial people and all kinds of professionals that work together. They all look and think differently. Imagine an office where guys in hoodies work alongside business casual guys and so on. There are disagreements sometimes, just like there are everywhere, but they have to work together and in synergy to achieve their goals. Both sides benefit here because they learn more about different things. 

Laws are important 

Crypto got a bad reputation at the outset because there were some bad people who did bad things. But times have changed and crypto has evolved with it. Everyone in the crypto industry is working hard to improve the situation and make crypto completely clean and up to standards. Bitcoin is more and more viable and exchange is stabilizing as well. 

They respect your personality 

People who believe in crypto believe in it for more than just money. They care about a higher purpose for crypto. They want to establish an understanding of the possibilities that crypto offers and that blockchain transactions offer. There is an energy and enthusiasm like no other. 

The industry is very young and still very male. There is a well-known lack of diversity in crypto but crypto is willing to accept more. Different people are starting to work in this area as more and more people enter this industry. They have a unique opportunity to change the narrative of tech startups. 

People are excited and enthusiastic about crypto – work often doesn’t feel so much like work because you are doing something that you really care about. Some say that it might resemble the early stages of the internet when no one knew where exactly they were going, but they knew that it was in the right direction. So, if you are interested to learn more and start your career in crypto, these are the things that you need to know – it’s very enthusiastic and diverse in specialties that are utilized in the workplace, many people work in this industry and there are a ton of possibilities just waiting. It’s moving very fast and becoming more diverse by the day. 


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Adelina Benson

Adelina Benson is a manager in Crypto industry and a writer at PhD Kingdom and Next Coursework. She enables good team communication and works with teams to bring crypto products to life. In her free time, she loves to blog to help people reach their full potential.