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7 Top Marketing Activities to Outsource

Whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned professional, outsourcing marketing activities is very helpful for your business. What are the top ways to outsource though? What resources should be outsourced, and what should be done by you? Well, read on to find out the top uses of outsourcing marketing activities.

Designing Logos

Your logo appears on everything that your company puts out, so if you don’t have a professional designer, you should definitely outsource to a marketing agency to find one that best fits you. A skilled designer will have a better eye for this, rather than say, relying on someone who has never done it. Logos mean a lot since they’re an integral part of your business you may not even realize. Being able to have that aptly communicated in your logo is essential, and it’s a marketing outsource that should definitely be outsourced to the right people. That is to say, don’t just give it to a friend simply because they have a graphic design degree – go to a professional. 

Creating Images 

Creating images takes a long time, about thirty or so minutes. That’s a lot of time to be used on just one task, and if you’re the one running an entire company, that certainly is a waste of resources. If you’re wanting pretty images for your business, you’ll want to consider Seo Brisbane, since it takes less effort and time, and with the right designer, you’ll get quality graphics. 

Assets for the Brand

This essentially means any business cards, printed materials, whitepapers, or anything with your name on it. A professional designer will make sure that everything has continuity, and it’ll look beautiful and polished. You’ll want to make sure though that you hire the right kind of freelancer. Don’t just hire any old freelancer. If you want the project done, and you want it done right, you’ll want someone that is trustworthy. Don’t hire someone for one project, and then hire another for another similar project either, since it ruins continuity. I suggest hiring a single designer or agency expert in the field and able to handle anything related to design. 

Curating Social Media Content 

Curating social media is important, but you shouldn’t have to be the one to do it. It takes time, time that could be spent doing more important things. You should outsource the work, providing clear instructions, and then let the outsourced party get to it. That way, you’ve got someone growing the social media aspects without you having to do the work.

Answering Comments 

If you run any type of blog, you’re going to realize that answering all those questions takes time. It definitely is a a time waster, so if you can, have someone do this for you. Whether it’s an assistant or someone that you’ve outsourced to, let them handle it. This is actually a big thing because even if it’s just writing “thanks” to a bunch of different comments, it takes about 15 seconds. Let’s say that you multiply that by 100, that’s 150 seconds, 2.5 minutes of the day spent on comment response. If you have a number of blogs, it’s time that could be spent doing other important tasks. 

Website Design 

While there are free DIY platforms such as Weebly and Wix that are professional, they look generic and arent’ very usable. You don’t want some really cheap-looking and unusable website for B2B marketing or lead generation. You want something that makes an amazing first impression. You need to ensure that everything that’s used works in the way that it should, and that everything looks great, and won’t just take the person clicking on it to some 404 page. 

If you want the job done right, get a skilled website designer to create a customized look, and ensure everything works. That’s a huge factor because there are tons of people who will say they can do it, but ultimately give you a shoddy design. That doesn’t work. Put your money into designers that know exactly what they’re doing.

SEO Work 

What this entails is essentially the SEO aspects that take time. This includes keyword research, which you can go to an expert to for help. This has a huge payoff and will save you many hours. SEO experts will find those keywords and phrases for you, and give you the results so that you can get more clients. They can also craft content that will get people to flock to your site.

But it’s not just that. Relevant directories are really good for helping with NAP citations. Directory submission takes time, and it involves lots of forms, so if you don’t want to handle that paperwork, do outsource it.

The final aspect of SEO that you should outsource is guest blogging. Do you want to grow your brand, the authority of your site, and any marketing activities? Outsource the work of finding and posting content to relevant sites. Guest posting entails you working with other sites and companies, improving your overall reach.


Outsourcing is often frowned upon because people often outsource to the wrong types of people. But, if you outsource marketing aspects to the right individuals, you’ll get a great result, and you don’t have to worry. It can make a huge difference to your company, and if you’re someone who hates all of the little details that go into running a company’s marketing, such as tedious SEO tasks, then consider outsourcing, and see for yourself the difference it can make for you and for your business as well.

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