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Online Brand Awareness Surveys – Everything You Need to Know

When a customer recognizes a company logo or design, it is brand awareness. For instance, you see golden arches coming into view as you drive down the road and you associate these golden arches with McDonald’s.  The memory of eating at McDonald’s may cause you to stop to engage in a quick feast, especially if you’re traveling in unfamiliar areas. Brand awareness refers to how aware people are of the name of the company and the products and services it offers. Want to know an added bonus? Marketing and promoting the products of your company will be much easier if you have established brand awareness. 

Have a look at the laundry list of reasons why brand awareness is important for the overall success of a business. 

Brand awareness promotes an association

For instance, what would you look for if you received a paper cut or scrape? You would probably look for a Band-Aid, not simply a bandage. This is what brand awareness does. It is responsible for associating specific actions with particular brands. This, then, encourages one to seek the brand when a need arises.  

Determine the value of your brand 

The overall experience of customers and their perception of your brand describes its value. By building brand awareness and promoting positive experiences with your brand, you can eventually establish brand equity. 

Build more trust with brand awareness

Amidst the cutthroat competition amongst brands, customers often do extensive research and look at the opinions of others prior to making a purchase—especially of larger, more expensive items. If they recognize your brand, they will be much more likely to trust your products or services without extensive research. Putting a proverbial face to your brand name will build more trust. 

Brand awareness will enable customers to lean toward your brand over other similar brands. If you are consistently making efforts to enhance your brand awareness, how will you know whether your efforts are working or not? How can you figure out if your brand is at the top of a customer’s mind when they are looking to make a purchase? Like any other marketing metric, it can be measured by reviewing activities and metrics. Measuring brand awareness will help you get a better vision of where your brand stands in terms of popularity. 

How can you measure your brand awareness? Gain actionable insight with Online Survey Services

Online survey services allow you to: 

    Keep track of how your customers and prospects perceive your brand. 

    Keep tabs on how effective your brand is. 

Factors you need to consider prior to sending an online brand awareness survey:

    Determine the time zone in which you and your customers are living 

    Determine if your customers live in other countries

    Learn the population segment of your customers

    Consider the type and age limit of the customers to whom you are planning to send the survey

This will help you optimize the ideal survey window for your company in order to analyze what will work best for you. 

Want to boost the response rate? Consider the below sneak peek into ways to get people to fill out your survey: 

Do not over-survey the same people

Do not overdo it. You do not want your customers to get tired of seeing your surveys. Keep in mind that survey fatigue does exist. For this reason, consider regular surveys but with different customer segmentations, otherwise known as pulse surveys. You will find a more stable response rate each time with more actionable data. 

Do not make surveys too long

If your survey takes more than 15 minutes to complete, it is often considered too long. You can usually get core details about your brand in about 10-15 questions. Thus, keep your survey as short as possible in order to increase its completion rate. 

Take into account new customers

While creating a brand awareness survey, you should take into account the people who might have just had their first contact with your brand. Make an effort to provide an immersive experience to your customers throughout your survey. Frame questions that attract the attention of your audience. 

Have a look at a few basic examples – 

When it comes to buying (product name), are you the main decision maker in your house?

  • I am the main buyer 
  • I share the decision 
  • I am not the decider

How often have you used (product name) in the past?

  • Only once
  • Frequently
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never

How likely are you going to recommend us to your friends or acquaintances? 

  • Definitely
  • Not sure
  • Not at all

Where did you see our brand’s advertisement?

  • Magazines
  • Website
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Streets
  • Other (Please explain)

Completely brand your survey

When you are spending a lot of time branding your media and communication channels, why not do the same with your surveys? You can make use of your brand’s logo and colors for the respondents.

Overall, a brand awareness survey is the perfect way to measure marketing efforts. Remember to use the best online survey tools, like Ambivista, to create awesome surveys.

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