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How to Best Use Technology to Raise Funds

If your job description contains words such as voluntarily, non-profitable or charity, you know that getting funds for all the necessary projects and initiatives can be exhausting. No matter how much you gather, it is never enough. 

And although no idea can help you gather enough money to completely renovate, cure or nourish, at least you can make sure that you are doing your absolute best. And without using technology, you will never reach your full potential. 

The entire business world is digital, so there is no need for the charitable industry to be any different. If you are still hesitant, check out these tips on how to elevate the experience of your donors. 

Moving your organisation in the direction of rapid technology development will only enable you to help even more people. And that should always be the end goal. 

Go International and Spread Your Story Everywhere

Many could argue that technology, and its increased presence, can have a lot of downsides. And they wouldn’t be totally wrong. But, being digital and omnipresent is an integral part of our daily lives. So, why shouldn’t we use it in order to further advance our agendas, charitable or not? The Internet and all of its wonders can help you spread your story anywhere and everywhere. 

No matter how small or big your organisation is, the impact and the change created in society should be seen by all. Connections with people outside of your immediate stakeholders can help you reach out to donors you’ve never even thought of. They can help you upgrade your operation to a whole new level and penetrate new markets. You might be a non-profit, but you still need your donors to keep the business up and running. 

Streamline Your Donation Process and Expand Your Options 

Once you have reached out to people all across the world, they need to be able to donate. Nowadays, setting up an online international payment method is easier than it sounds. For many people, the speed of the modern world demands that every service is fast and smooth. 

And giving out donations shouldn’t be more complex than paying a bill. Make sure your future donors don’t have to spend too much time invested in a ridiculously complicated process, and your income stream will surely increase. 

Create an App That Connects You with Your Donors

Although many people spend their time surfing the World Wide Web, most people prefer to do it using an app. Customers use it to buy food, order cabs, play games, increase their speed in solving math problems… So, why shouldn’t they use it get to know their favourite charitable organisation? If your story is international, and your donors come from all over the world, you should be able to elevate their experience. Creating a simple app can make sure you achieve just that. 

Not only can they donate using that app, but they can also hear all the news about your organisation, all the planned projects and most importantly, where their money is going. If you keep your donors informed, the likelihood of them repeating a donation significantly increases.

And not only that, but you can also use this app to interact with your donors. You can open up a line of communication and engage them using chatbots, forums, and posts. You can use this app to create a community, gathered around the same, charitable goal. If your donors get a sense of ownership and importance, you will be able to bring your organisation to a whole new level. Make sure to enlist proper help for creating this app – as it takes a lot more knowledge than you are likely to have off the bat. 

Share Your Impactful Stories One Digital Post at a Time 

In the charitable business, getting your story across is the most important thing. Just like any other organisation, you too need to use marketing strategies to attract people connected to your cause and to ask something of them. If your potential donors have the means to donate, and you have also provided them with an easy method to do so, the only thing left is to connect them with your core mission. In order to do that you need to be able to share a lot of personal, impactful and important stories. 

And the best thing about that is that you can be viral. That means that for a small problem in a rural city on the outskirts of any country in the world, the entire world can provide a solution. Using your app, you can reach out to anyone and create a strong community of invested people that will slowly turn into donors you can rely on. 

Although this doesn’t mean that all the issues people are struggling with will be cured, it will surely make a significant difference. Your team, as well as all the people you are helping, will notice the change, and surely be thankful for it.

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