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Best Cannabis e-Commerce Marketing Strategies

What are the best strategies to grow your cannabis? Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant that used to make a psychoactive drug for medical and recreational purposes. The Cannabis industry is booming every day despite the fact it has not received the status of federal legalization.

According to some survey figures the industry’s growth was expected to touch $11 billion by the end of 2018. It will further grow to garner $23 billion in the next five years.

Buy everything online

Cannabis business on e-commerce has made things very easy and accessible for people. Just like food, grocery, and the fashion industry, all cannabis products are available online. The customer cannot buy the finished products yet, but all the associated items can be bought separately. Understanding CBD vs THC, terminology, and labeling will help you make the most out of your purchase”. These products are available in a wide range such as pipes, tubes, rolling papers and so on.

Digital platforms

It has been recorded and observed in recent time that some online platforms are helping in the industry’s growth. Their specially designed platform facilitates you to make strategies to grow your cannabis. This comes as a great help for both sides of the business.

Digital platforms also include blogs where you can pay to have your business advertised. You can also pay the blogger to write a specific article to promote your business. This is quite obvious that one must check the traffic coming to a certain blog before paying him for promotion.

Legalization and protecting

Cannabis-industry professionals are struggling to win the case for federal level legalization of their product. There are only a handful of states where cannabis has been legalized, elsewhere, it is still illegal. Where banks cannot provide any payment solutions to these businessmen on federal level e-wallets have come for their rescue.

This is a much cheaper payment solution for the sellers and convenient for the buyers also.

Social networks

Social networks are the first place these days one would think to market their business initially. But this is not the case for marijuana sellers. Major social media platforms do not allow cannabis sellers to promote their business on their networks, including Facebook. Even if you are operating a legal business still this is not an option for you.

A direct promotion or creating a page is impossible, but you can create groups of people with similar interest. You can discuss different aspects of your business in this group and attract customers with this strategy.


Working with influencers has proven to be a viable solution to market on social media platforms for cannabis sellers. They all have chipped in quickly to adopt this trend, and it is proving lucrative for them. It is ideal to work with an influencer who has developed a large pool of audience organically. Also, if he can demonstrate the wide reach without having to block his account by the provider.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are as important as marketing on social networks. Some companies are working with professionals who are designing SEO techniques having cannabis in mind. These techniques are proving to be successful also in some case.

It is also important to register your brick-and-mortar shop on Google. This will help the buyers searching with certain keywords to find your online dispensary. 

Affiliate Marketing

Also known as commission-based marketing, affiliate marketing is one the oldest and suitable marketing strategies for any business. People from the cannabis industry can work with different sort of people to introduce their affiliate marketing plan. This can also be put out on the company website.

An affiliate marketing program can help the business grow its business at very less cost. It can also keep members of this program interested since they are making money from this.

Local Directories, yellow pages

This is another great way to spread the word out. People who want to buy weed online will look through the online directories and yellow pages as well. These directories help customers find businesses and sellers who sell marijuana.

There are numerous directories out there, but you need to ensure that your product is listed on frequently searched directories, as you do not want to spend your time and money where it cannot generate referrals for your business.

Apps for your business

Mobile apps these days is the way forward. No business today can imagine having its presence felt without an app. Customer prefers apps because they are convenient and can be used on the go. The apps like High There are popular amongst the customer. Another app, MyDx, allows the potential customers to test the cannabis through the device before consuming it fully.

Having business apps is a creative way to promote your business. You can have a wide array of features on your app. Such as push notification can be used every time a new product is available, or you’re reducing your price to attract more customers. Personalized messages can also be used through phone apps to achieve that goal. Although, getting an app developed is not a very expensive commitment, but other solutions still exist. You can decide to run your ads on existing platforms such as MassRoot.

We have discussed above the methods to market your cannabis business on digital platforms. Unless the federal legalization is achieved the challenges will remain to attract more customers. No matter how easy and convenient ways there are available for online marketing Facebook, and Twitter still has more reach.

We are not mentioning this to discourage you but to give you another perspective. This situation may improve very soon, and the US may decide to follow the footstep of Canada. You can use a combination of the aforementioned marketing techniques to see which brings the most profit.

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