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6 Qualities to Look for in an Outsourced Software Development Company

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”     Lee Kuan View (Former Statesman)

To cope with a dynamic and competitive landscape it has become essential for every entrepreneur to build tailored software solutions for streamlining and automating complex business processes. But every business can’t afford to hire and maintain an in-house team of developers. That is why many companies outsource software projects to experienced companies or use app builders to create reliable solutions that suit their workflow.

Before making the final call it’s important to analyze the two approaches – custom developed software vs using app builders. You need to identify your specific company objectives and choose the right platform cleverly. Any of these two platforms can be your best choice, but it depends on individual circumstances.

Let’s focus on entrepreneurs who are struggling to find the right tech partner. Ideally, your development associate must have a wealth of experience in website frameworks as well as efficiency in crafting intuitive apps. Let’s make it easier with the help of six major qualities you should look for to get the most trustworthy outsourcing partner.

1. Evaluate Market Reputation & Past Work Experience

Before going to choose a development partner it’s of the utmost importance to evaluate their reputation in the market. Take a look at their current and past clients and check what reviews they have been given. Also, try to connect with a few clients to get a detailed picture of their productivity and quality of service. Doing this will also let you know if they did work on similar projects to yours in the past and how well those projects were executed. 

The number of years they have operated in the market is an indicator of their credibility and efficiency and hence it should also be in your checklist.

You should examine whether they work with a customer-centric attitude to ensure that they will listen to your specific requirements and build the product in accordance with them. Also, they should be committed to roadmapping the product before embarking on the actual development process and efficiently visualize your product offering’s direction to ensure the final product will function as planned.

2. Pay Attention to the Size, Budget, & Culture of the Company

Not all development companies undertake any software project size. Some only work on long-term projects that need a lot of financial capital. But there are many small to medium-sized development organizations that can easily work on projects of any size regardless of budget.

You should also focus on what type of work culture the development agency has maintained. This will give you an idea of the ease with which you can work with them as well as the working environment, and the functioning of the management. Also, a healthy working atmosphere ensures that the development partner is capable of building quality software products.

3. Relevant Technology Stack & Experience in Using the Latest Tools

Your outsourced partner should be blessed with experience in using the latest tools and technologies. Also, they must be efficient in deploying advanced techniques to make the end product better.

Remember to pick a technology partner who follows an agile development method because these are extremely collaborative and offer quick outcomes. Also, it will allow the development associate to adjust to the swiftly evolving technological landscape.

In addition to technical experience, it’s equally important to get an idea of whether their team has passionate members who love their work and are committed to creating innovative software solutions.

3. Stay Away from Falling into the Trap of the Cheapest Offers

It’s quite natural to get carried away with the cheapest alternatives but when choosing an outsourcing development partner it can be your biggest mistake. This does not mean that you have to straightaway ignore all the quotes from companies who are offering the lowest prices. But make sure to do your homework and pick the best option available.

4. Seek Development Partners with Effective Communication Plan

It’s beneficial for you to find a company which promises to follow an effective communication plan for seamless interaction and execution of the development process. They should have regularly scheduled meetings to update you on the progress of the project. Also, they should respect your feedback and make sure to incorporate it in order to improve the final product.

5. Quality Post Sale Services & Support

After setting up your software solution you might encounter a few issues such as technical glitches. This is why you should look for a company that is ready to offer quality after sale services. They should be willing to provide you with good customization, maintenance, troubleshooting, and support services. 

The development partner you are going pick must help you in installing and maintaining the solutions properly. They should also be ready to incorporate additional features and functions based on your feedback.

6. Examining Safety & Security Standards 

Safety and security standards are one of the most integral factors that you should look for before hiring a development partner. Make sure that they follow high-security systems so as to provide you with a secure product which is devoid of any risk or external threat of violation. This way you can maintain the USP of your system since there will be no risk of your unique idea getting leaked. Remember there are no bad ideas.

In addition to safety and security, you should also analyze the financial stability of your development associate, their ownership structure, acquisition plans, and business associates. It’s important because these factors can either make or break the future of your software solution.

Once you are done with analyzing these factors, it’s then advisable to go for a free trial or test ride. This will clear up any remaining doubts and ensure that you will be getting a product in accordance with your specific business needs.

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