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7 Apps that are Transforming the Food Industry

These days, there is an app for everything. Whether you want to get from A to B, or you want to find some good food in your area, there is always an app that can help you with the things that you need to do every day. When it comes to food, there are a number of different apps out there that are taking the food industry by storm and making changes to how we interact with the food that we eat on a daily basis.

1. The Fork – If you are looking to eat out and you want to make a booking at your favourite restaurant, The Fork is the app for you. Simply use the app to make and confirm bookings for restaurants in your area quickly and easily without having to call ahead. The app also sends you exclusive offers to restaurants in your area, so that you can get the best deals possible while you enjoy some local cuisine. The Fork is also partnered with Trip Advisor, so you can look at the reviews of each restaurant before you make a booking to see what other people think of the venue.

2. Happy Cow – Having dietary restrictions can make it hard to eat out. It can be especially hard for vegans. If you don’t know the restaurants in your area and you want to find a place that has a number of options for vegans, you should get Happy Cow. There is also a blog that is linked to the app that has articles about different topics of concern from things like the meat industry and its treatment of animals, to the health benefits of going vegan or vegetarian. The app also allows you to leave reviews on some of the restaurants you have tried, so that you can help others find the best vegan restaurants in the area.

3. Fooducate – If you love your food but are concerned with what you put in your body, you need to get Fooducate. The app focuses on helping you get healthy by teaching you about the food that you eat every day. Like other fitness tracker apps, Fooducate helps you figure out your average calorie intake each day, but it goes one step further and teaches you what you should be eating each day. The app has a number of different recipes and dieting tips available, as well as a list of healthier alternatives to some of the products that you consume each day, so that you can make small changes to your diet as you go.

4. Hey You – If you love ordering food and drinks from local cafes or restaurants but hate waiting in line for them to be ready, you should get Hey You. Hey You uses your device’s GPS location to find cafes and restaurants in your local area so that you can order from vendors that are close by. Hey You is great for people on the go, because you can place your order on your phone from any location, and go and pick up your food or drinks from the place when they are ready. Payments are made via the app so there is no fumbling around for cards or cash, because the app will have your details ready to go. 

5. Epicurious – If you are someone that likes to make your own meals, you need to get Epicurious. The app helps you find recipes and instructional videos that help you make the best meals that you can. You can also search through a number of articles with tips about cooking and food, so that you can learn how to improve your cooking skills through your new-found knowledge. 

6. Chef’s Feed – If you want to get some food in your area that has the tick of approval from a real chef, you should download the app Chef’s Feed. The app tells you which restaurants you should go to based on the recommendations of chefs, and they tell you what the best dishes are to order at each place. The app also features some videos and articles that have been created by professional chefs and people in the food industry, so that you are up to date with what people in the industry are saying and doing when it comes to food. 

7. Foodie – If you enjoy taking photos of your food, and want them to look as amazing as possible, you need to get Foodie. Foodie is a camera app that helps you to take photos of your food and edit them, so that you can take your food photos to the next level. The app has a number of different filters, specially created to make your food and drink photos pop and it has all of the tools you need for editing photos, so you get them looking just right. 

Because we spend so much of our lives on our phones, it is only natural that apps are created to help us with every part of our lives. Because food is such an important part of everyone’s lives, creating apps that relate to food and the food industry benefit everyone in a number of ways. So whether you work as a chef, consider yourself a bit of a foodie, or you just like to eat food, there are apps out there for you that can help you on your food journey.

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Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca is the Content Manager for Hey You a mobile app that allows you to order ahead at cafes and restaurants. She is obsessed with the latest marketing and technology trends and has been working in the industry for over 8 years.