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San Antonio – The New Hub for Tech Startups

Most Americans do not recognize San Antonio as a place for innovation and technical development. It is their lack of knowledge because San Antonio has recently been named as the best place for software developers based on income, job availability, and cost of living. The history of innovation in this area dates back to two decades to when the U.S. Air Force consolidated its security mission in this area.

Even with a history associated with invention and innovation, is San Antonio struggling to maintain its tech image? As per a national report, San Antonio has slipped from 40th position in 2015 to 46th in 2018. In this list, cities like Nashville and Cleveland have overtaken San Antonio. However, tech pundits working in the city believe that this is soon going to change and that people will soon see San Antonio as the emerging tech capital of the country.

New Opportunities 

Quite recently, the University of Texas in San Antonio announced that it was joining with urban tech forces. This is expected to bring thousands of additional tech students to the city along with a considerable increase in the downtown footprint. There are many focuses of this venture but a few prominent ones are the School of Data Science and the cybersecurity-based National Security Collaboration Center.

After 7 years of working in San Antonio, Geekdom Media now hopes to improve the tech scene in the city. The company’s driving purpose is to create an ecosystem in San Antonio which will entice founders and important executives to move here. For many years, the city has been a great place for back offices and remote offices. They believe that it is now time that head offices should make their way to the city’s downtown.

The San Antonio-Austin Corridor

A lot of people see Austin as the ultimate city of tech innovation. It is, however, the 72-mile corridor between Austin and San Antonio that has led to a number of inventions. There is a synergy of economic development because of the joint ventures of the two cities and their geographical proximity. 

It was the economic slowdown of the 1980s that actually connected the two economies and resulted in the commercialization of technology and a number of public-private partnerships. There is a perfect link of financial capital, human capital, and intellectual capital across the two cities and such collaborations lead to technological advancements. Thus, Austin’s growing economic strength can also be attributed to San Antonio.

Home of Cybersecurity and Healthcare Experts

There is a large base of military personnel going about their operations in this area. This gives San Antonio the second-largest concentration of cybersecurity professionals. There are also a number of medical-related projects in the city. Military veterans form a great part of the talent pool in the area with a few of them also holding higher positions in new companies and startups. Their motivation, knowledge, and experience play a vital role in the improvement of the corporate vision.

In a community of 1.5 million residents, one out of every six individuals is working in the healthcare or bioscience industry. More deals are cracking in the medical sector with companies being merged or sold, a sign that San Antonio startups are gaining more recognition. Apart from this, other major sectors in the city include advanced robotics, aviation, and new energy.

Improved Quality of Life

With time, San Antonio’s livability is improving, especially for tech professionals. The coffee shops, breweries, and the boutique hospitality that they are usually drawn to are making their way to this city. It is the first time in many years that tech executives are ready to leave nearby progressive cities like Houston, Austin, and Dallas. They are finding a promising lifestyle in San Antonio.

The tax break from the city has also attracted a number of startups. They see more progress in their respective area which can benefit their initiative greatly without costing them an arm and leg. The government provides these tax breaks as an incentive to the tech companies so that they relocate to San Antonio and can go about their operations in the city.

The Bottom Line

Over 211 startups are working in San Antonio with funding exceeding $34,300,000 in the last 12 months. San Antonio is embracing technological innovation and diversity, giving rise to a number of public-private partnerships. It has been associated with innovation for many years so is no stranger to new inventions.

Talent is gradually moving to this city because they see the potential for growth. There are multiple opportunities with affordable living and tax breaks. It won’t be long until San Antonio will find its way to becoming the true tech hub of the country.

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