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16 Body Language Tips You Can Use to Make a Good Impression in Your Business Environment

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According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, body language accounts for 55% of communication. This means that in order for you to make a good impression and build trust in your workplace or business, you need to manage how you come across through your body language because it communicates how you are thinking or feeling to the other person.

Here are 16 effective body language tips to help you manage your nonverbal cues and make a good impression:

  • Maintaining eye contact – Shows confidence, builds trust
  • Resting arm or hand on table – Expresses interest
  • Rolling up sleeves, robbing back of neck, checking phone – Indicates boredom, impatience or restlessness
  • Leaning towards you – Shows interest
  • Nodding of head – Shows interest, attention
  • Tilting your head – Displays Trust, commitment, approval or interest
  • Smiling warmly – Sincere, reliable, can also make people feel at ease, more inclined to listen
  • Strong or firm handshake – Sign of confidence, mutual respect
  • Adjusting feet towards you – Engaged, interested
  • Lifting chin up – Shows confidence, dominance
  • Using Hand gestures – Indicates liveliness, friendliness  
  • Open palms – Shows you have nothing to hide, sign of peaceful intentions
  • Crossing arms in front of chest – Not listening, skeptical, not completely open to new ideas
  • Tapping pen, fingers or shoes – Bored, impatient
  • Leaning back to chair, Pressing  fingers together – Confident, in control
  • Looking at watch – Bored, Ready to go

Remember that body language accounts for more than half of communication so be careful how you come across through your body language. Also, observe these nonverbal cues among coworkers and business partners when holding conversations. These tips will help you avoid awkward situations and make a positive impression.

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