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4 Top Strategies to Generate Long-Term Traffic

Flood your website with fresh targeted traffic by employing content strategies to accelerate the growth of your company.

A survey conducted by WP Curve showed that 89% of startups use content marketing in their growth strategy. The content your company produces is by far the most important priority in developing your website to generate traffic, leads and ultimately new clients.

Demonstrate your area of expertise

Your first area of focus is to establish the expertise of your company with onsite articles. Establish an effective keyword strategy by optimizing for questions clients have about your business. Make this a top priority when it comes to developing your onsite content. The Big G (Google) loves websites that provide a legitimate expert opinion. Build your reputation with content that clearly communicates and fully explains ideas as posts on your website.

Content that helps visitors solve problems demonstrates the expertise of your company. Approximately 88% of purchases are influenced by some sort of online reference. If you don’t convert a prospective client on their first visit, they are more likely to return to your site for any related issue if you have helped them solve a problem or come to a better understanding of how it can be solved. The value your website provides to a prospective buyer can influence their decision to return to your site to make a purchase.

Provide in-depth coverage of a single topic

Long form articles will give your website buoyancy in the search results. They get more people on your website for improved ranking and increased visibility. Backlinko conducted a survey with over 1 million websites and found that “content rated ‘topically relevant’ significantly outperformed content that didn’t cover a topic in-depth.”

There is a misguided notion that online readers have short attention spans and articles should be brief and to the point. This misconception has been obliterated in studies that prove long-form articles are shared more widely. Conversions are as much as 30% higher on websites that have articles written with extensive detail that explain an idea, thought or concept in its entirety.

The fact is visitors will spend more time on your website when they are digesting longer pieces of content. They may even have to come back to your site to finish the article. Longer dwell times improve the rank of your website as well as returning visitors. When your website exhibits strong metrics in these two categories you are rewarded with increased traffic from more competitive positions in the search results.

The ideal effect is for your content to trigger search engines to display your website as a relevant source in related search queries. If your content is shared, you develop an authoritative presence in your niche.

If another website posts your content, you earn a backlink which contributes to positive ranking signals that improve your website’s visibility. As your website’s authority increases, so does its ability to outrank competing websites.

Publish evergreen content

Evergreen content maintains its relevance for readers over time. It is content that builds your traffic gradually by being shared for its continued value. Approximately 38% of the total volume of traffic comes from evergreen blog posts. When evergreen blog posts are published visitors return repeatedly because they serve as a reference for quality information.

Examples of evergreen content can be anything in depth and comprehensive. Articles can be written as:

  • Ultimate “how to” guides
  • Best of lists (statistics work really well for getting more shares and backlinks)
  • Compilation/round up of expert opinions
  • Compilation of questions and answers

Guest post to market your content

Publish content on popular blogs in your niche to leverage your presence. There are dozens of websites for every industry that publish content regularly and accept guest post contributions.

The backlinks you can earn from a guest post will increase the authority, expertise, and recognition of your company. Guest posts on high traffic blog sites can provide targeted referral traffic consisting of visitors that obviously are interested in hearing more of what you have to say or offer.

As your website accumulates backlinks and builds authority, it is more frequently displayed in the search results for key phrases related to the content you’ve published. When your site ranks for multiple related keywords, the name of your company becomes synonymous with the category of services you provide. By increasing your presence in the searches you are effectively creating brand recognition which inspires confidence in your company and leads to more conversions.

Content is the number one asset in providing a website long term growth in traffic. The traffic of your site is the lifeblood that supplies leads and ultimately new clients. Strategize the content your company produces to maximize growth and improve the quality of leads your website generates.

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Christian Carere is an SEO consultant and the founder of Digital Ducats Inc. Christian works primarily with SMB's to improve the quality of traffic, increase leads and produce new clients on a regular basis.