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9 Reasons to Choose iPhone App Development for Your Business

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With the incremental usage of smartphones and tablets, mobile app development is in a boomphase. Businesses are also joining this bandwagon to leverage the ability of mobility for customers and employees. It is a most popular channel for users because they can address their needs in real-time. If you check the analytics of a company having a website and a mobile app, you can see that the highest web traffic comes from smartphones.

According to App Annie, gross revenue of the mobile market will exceed $101 billion globally by 2020. It is double that of the 51$ billion for 2016.

The number speaks about the tremendous growth of the mobile market. Android leads the mobile app development market while iOS holds second position. Still, the iOS app development market, with 2 million apps are available in the App Store, is highly competitive and volatile to penetrate.

The highly used iOS devices are iPhones. With iPhone apps, companies can drive bigger business opportunities and generate more revenue. In this post, we are going to share the top reasons why you should consider iPhone app development first.

1. High Security Standards

Whether businesses want to develop an iPhone app for customers or internal staff, data security will always be a concern. iOS is known for its high-level of data security. No matter what level of flexibility other mobile platforms offer, nothing is as important as data safety.

iOS provides businesses with robust iPhone apps that provide security against viruses, external threats, malware, hacking, breaches, phishing, and other internet-based vulnerabilities. Apple provides a highly secured layer against data encryption, data duplication, and threats for your app. Also, the operating system manages data privacy, user identity, and app data in the cloud for you.

2. Amazing User Experience

Apple has its own human interface guidelines that all UI/UX designers have to follow in order to get approval from the App Store. By following the guidelines, businesses can have iPhone apps that offer enjoyable interfaces and pleasant experiences. Ignoring Apple’s guidelines ensures the rejection of your application from the App Store.  

Focusing on UX/UX creation, businesses can engage new prospects and retain their existing customer base to boost their sales funnel. Working with experienced iOS app development companies in USA results in a complete cohesion between hardware and software and the creation of performance-driven iPhone apps.

3. Easy and Effective Testing

Usually, Apple releases only one update of its existing operating system in a year. The company has a limited range of iOS devices compared to its competitor, Android. Moreover, Android apps have to be tested comprehensively for different versions to check that the app works well on all of them. On the other hand, developers need to meet the parameters of the prevalent iOS version. Less time is needed to test developed iPhone apps, thus speeding up product time to market. 

4. Low Fragmentation

While developing an Android app, a business needs to invest a lot of time to determine whether the app works effectively on the different versions of the platform or not. If you check the data, only 0.7% of Android users are using the latest OS version while the rest are using versions that are at least three years old.

As opposed to Android, almost 76% of iPhone users are using the latest iOS version. It’s clear that Apple has a more consolidated market than Android. With iPhone app development, businesses can reach out to a large user base. Another benefit of low fragmentation is scalability. It allows businesses to develop new features rapidly and launch them in the existing app.  

5. Excellent Quality

To get your app registered in the App Store, you can hire iPhone app developers from iOS app development companies in the USA who develop the app as per Apple’s defined quality standards. It helps businesses to develop an outstanding app with a great user experience not only for devices but also for their own app ecosystem.

iPhone apps, developed by following the highest quality standards, help businesses enrich their brand identity. These quality parameters are something that makes Apple the prime choice of businesses for mobile app development, though it is more expensive than Android app development.  

6. Less Development Time

iOS development takes 28% less time than Android development, even if you have the same development parameters. Android apps need more time for testing on a wide range of devices, versions, and screen resolutions. Time saved is the most important benefit to business owners who choose iPhone apps as an integral part of their company.  

7. Tech Savvy Target Audience

iPhone users are more tech-savvy and are always open to innovations. This allows businesses to develop highly dynamic iPhone apps with high-end features that create disruption in the market. Provide your product or services to a good quality target audience in an innovative and superior manner through iPhone app development. Drive more productivity and profitability to your business through iPhone apps developed with a user-centered interface and better device environment.  

8. Secured Transactions

In the era of m-commerce, lots of online shopping apps are available in the App Store. When it comes to money, user financial information is crucial. iPhone apps developed by top iOS app development companies in USA ensure secure in-app purchases and app-based transactions. Apps can provide quick and secure money transfers from the customer’s or company’s registered bank account.

9. Penetrate into a Larger Market

iOS devices are very popular in developed countries such as the US, UK, Australia, etc. If you are targeting these regions, iOS helps you to expand your business with the guaranteed success of your app.

Using a reliable iPhone app development company, you can build enterprise scale applications that meet your custom business requirements. Such a company can develop and deliver apps with higher flexibility and scalability. Allowing for advanced integration, iPhone apps help businesses stay relevant amid growing competition.

In A Nutshell

This post has hopefully given you enough reasons for considering iOS over Android. Considering iPhone development a priority, businesses can get an app that is developed using industry best practices. Reach out to a sophisticated user base and address their requirements in a satisfactory manner with a well-designed iPhone app that also allows you to access user behavior data and use that information to deliver better products or services to a targeted audience.

By outsourcing your project to a reliable iPhone app development company, you can have a high performing and secure iPhone app that helps you in achieving your organizational goals.

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