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Ideas That Will Help You Ease Your Social Media Addiction

In these times when we are connected to various chats and social media 24/7, it is quite difficult to go offline. Of course, no adult is really sitting around and checking their cell phone every minute of the day. But I’m sure that all of us preserve the complete readiness to go online once a notification pops up. We often procrastinate using social media. Even going out with friends, we cannot put our cell phone aside and enjoy what is happening right now.

It is true that our life could become much easier if we stopped bothering about what happens on social media. But getting rid of an addiction is tough. In this article, we offer some ideas on how to make your student life more meaningful without social media. Trying some of them, you will feel much more freedom in your thoughts and decisions over time. 

Do not look at your cell phone every minute

You know that it is a bad sign if you cannot part with your screen for a while. In fact, it is not essential to know what happens on Facebook every single moment. Try to put your cell phone somewhere where you cannot reach it and close the Facebook tab in your browser. This way, you will be able to complete some of your college papers and finish the project you have been delaying for days. We know—it is difficult to be disciplined enough not to check your smartphone. But it is much easier to do when the device is not around. 

Focus on more important tasks for an hour or two

Speaking of discipline, putting attention on what is important for a while. When you procrastinate, it is easy to get distracted with a newsfeed or the latest posts. But you can resist checking your cell phone if you decide to deal with an important issue for the next hour or two. It is not so much time actually, and you will be able to check your cell phone when you go out to make some coffee. Try not to interrupt your business or studying with social networking at least for an hour. Nothing critical will happen in that time. 

Find a hobby that does not involve online communication

If you keep thinking of checking your social media, try to distract yourself with your favorite activities. Do you enjoy sports? Or maybe you are an artistic person who loves to create beautiful things? If you don’t, you probably enjoy some social activities that involve live communication. If you find a new hobby in any sphere you like, it will distract you from surfing the web for another 2-3 hours a day. What is important, you will start enjoying what you do here and now. Life was an exciting thing before the era of the Internet. Believe us—you can find an offline hobby that will bring more meaning to your life.

Do something active in your free time

To enjoy your offline experience even more, pay special attention to physical practices. Try sports if you are a lazy person or start dancing if you have never done it before. When you feel overwhelmed by your academic load, refer to a fast research paper writing service. It’s time to exercise. Regular physical activity will burn down stress hormones and make you feel happier on an everyday basis. By the way, if you are not a fan of going to the gym, try yoga. You will be surprised how little it takes to keep fit. Sports will certainly help you when you are doomed to sit, even if it’s not for social networks. 

Visit new places having your loved ones by your side

Traveling is another ultimate escape from social media. Even if you like posting your every step on Instagram, we assure you it is not the coolest part of a journey. Think about why you are so eager to use social media everywhere you go. Some of us lack social approval. Others want to stay connected to people through a distance. When planning your next trip, take your friends or loved ones with you. Enjoy new places together and have fun in real life. Take a break from Facebook or Instagram. You are having a vacation now, and social media can wait until you are back home.

Hopefully, some of this advice will help you rethink the role of social media in your life. You can be happy and productive without checking your messengers every other minute. So, put your cell phone aside and look around to see more beauty in this world!

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