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Top 8 Tips on How to Use Business Promotional Items More Effectively

Use of promotional products for marketing and branding purposes is the right decision. Studies show that many people who receive such promotional products usually consider doing business with that company. But, you will need to utilize these promotional products in the right manner to achieve the desired results.

Tip #1: Concentrate on Your Target Audience

Promotional products you select should be right for your target audience group. For instance, if you are targeting IT companies then purchasing notebooks as promotional material will not be the right thing to do.

If people like your product, it is likely that they will use it more often and spread the word about your company.

Tip #2: Deliver the Right Message

The message on your promotional product should be relatable and simple to understand. The message should speak for itself and properly communicate what your company is offering. If you do not have experience in how to achieve this task, you can utilize the services of a brand designer to make this process easier.

Tip #3: Make the Promotional Products Stand Out 

Positive results cannot be expected if you just put your company logo and name on simple cotton shoppers or cheap promotional mugs. The product should be such that people feel interested in using it regularly. The more they use the products, the more publicity your business will get. Thus, it is important to select products that your customers will remember.

Additionally, if you hire a creative design agency to develop a professional looking design on a good quality conference folder then it is certain that it will deliver results. Similarly, an interesting message on a promotional mug, a creatively designed USB stick, or any other similar product that has been designed with some thought going into the design process will prove to be beneficial.

Tip #4: Utilize the Interaction with Potential Customers

Another effective way of using promotional items is to help potential customers remember the interaction they have with your business. For instance, if your business is taking part in a community event and you meet a potential client, giving the person a key chain that has your business contact information will be more memorable for your potential client than just the usual business card.

Similarly, during a summer festival, if you set up a booth and provide branded water bottles or hand-held fans as promotional products then people will remember your company during the hot summer days ahead. Likewise, when sponsoring a marathon, you can give out branded t-shirts or sport towels and participants will be more than happy to retain those items as souvenirs of their participation.

Tip #5: Select the Right Items

Selecting right items is important when you are deciding about which promotional products to use. There are many things people use on an everyday basis such as tote bags, water bottles, flash lights, and note pads. By using these items as promotional products, you will be able to ensure that your brand gets visibility and generates brand awareness whenever the products are used, not only in front of people who are using them but also of those who are around them.

In addition, if you select products that are closely related to your business then they will become more useful. For example, if you are a bike shop owner then a portable bike repair kit will be an excellent promotional item to use. Similarly, a car dealership can give away a tire gauge, a fitness center can utilize protein shakers or gym towels, and a dentist can give out a card of floss as a promotional product.

Additionally, if you are providing seasonal services, then a calendar that marks important dates can remind your customers to get in touch with you when they are looking for back to school uniforms, filing their taxes, or needing any other service that you provide.

Tips #5: Focus on Packaging

After selecting the promotional item that is to be sent to customers, the next thing you will have to look into will be the packaging. Packaging is as important as the promotional item itself since it is what your customers and prospective clients will see first. Thus, you will need the help of a premium packaging company to develop an attractive and eye-catching package design with branding elements.

You can further personalize the promotional product that you are sending by adding a handwritten note along with a signature.

Tips #6: Take Up Branding for Your Team

You can transform your team into brand ambassadors by providing them with promotional products like t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and other wearable items for them to distribute wherever they go. It is likely that your prospective customers will inquire more about your products and services when t-shirts and sweatshirts provide them a visible reminder of what business you are into.

Tip #7: Select Products That Offer Longevity

You should select products that can be used on a daily basis over a period of time. When your customers use your promotional products on a continuous basis, it ensures the branding message visibility you want to deliver. When your message is seen multiple times, it starts to generate interest in people who are not acquainted with the business. Thus, you will have to choose promotional products that people can use over a long period of time.

Other options such as wearables that have attractive taglines and graphical items conceptualized by your brand design agency can be utilized for environmental targeting. People can use these promotional products in their work or home environment.

For instance, a desk supply item may be kept for an average of fourteen months, and if it is a calendar, then it will be used for twelve months.

Tip #8: Pay Attention to Your Loyal Customers

By offering promotional products to your loyal customers you will be able to ensure that they remember you next time they require the same service. By receiving such promotional products, your existing customers will feel appreciated and rewarded, and it is more than likely that they will become advocates of your business.

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