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5 Secrets for Crazy Clickable Social Media Buttons

You have seen those “How I gained thousands of followers with Buzzoid” ads, and you want to have your own trustworthy following. Although it might take a while and will require you to put a little effort, there is one method that could let people find you: social media buttons.

Even so, they might not always work as you want them to. There are some aspects to take into consideration if you want people to click on them and offer you likes, shares, and comments. So, in order to help you out, here are five secrets for crazy clickable social media buttons.

Bigger or Smaller Buttons?

At one point, you’d think that having small buttons is what makes it unlikely for people to click on them. After all, they need to see the buttons in order to click, don’t they? 

This is why you need to make sure the buttons you add on your site are visible. However, that doesn’t mean half of the page needs to be flooded with those buttons. Preferably, settle for medium-sized buttons, and you’ll be able to make them effective without looking desperate.

The Button Number

Have you ever looked on a page, only to see it was flooded with buttons? It’s really annoying, and you should refrain from going overboard with them. Even though you might think it’s much better to add a bigger number of buttons, it’s actually the contrary. 

Not only that it will make it harder to navigate through the page, but it will also make you seem annoying and desperate, and visitors won’t even bother to check. That’s definitely not what you want.


Should you settle for the classic button design, or come up with a custom one? Well, customizing your own buttons will help them look unique and make the page more beautiful overall. However, if you transform them into something totally new, don’t expect people to click on them. 

Buttons need to be recognizable, so people know what lies behind them. Settling for the classic ones seems the better option. If you really want to make your own, though, don’t change them too much. 

Call-to-Action Texts

Call-to-action texts represent a great way to make people see the buttons and be eager to click on them. They can either be added around the buttons, or you can turn the actual button into a call-to-action text. Whichever it is, you can use a cute and funny message that will automatically grab the attention and encourage people to click. 


You can place buttons wherever you want, but they still need to be strategically positioned so they don’t interfere with the other features your site has to offer.

As a rule of thumb, placing the buttons close to the content is the best alternative. This works so well because it makes it easier for people to share your posts without having to waste time searching for the buttons. That being said, make sure you position them within your content, whether it’s on the sideway, the top or the bottom.

Final Thoughts

While it might not seem so important, your buttons play a huge role in whether you’ll gain social media engagement or not. Make sure to follow these tips, and your buttons will give you the results that you want.

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