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Understanding Buyer Motivation

When a person gets their paycheck at the end of the month, how to spend that money after clearing bills is most of the time a well-thought decision. As a business person looking to attract people to buy products from your site, you need to think as a customer would.

An overview of buyer motivation

The number one question that you should ask yourself is why a customer would buy such a product. After you are sure that you have answered that question correctly, the next question should be why a customer would buy that product from you. Competitions in businesses have been there for a long time, and they keep getting stiffer with every passing second. It is every business’s goal to make profits and to do so, they need to sell more. This is my understanding buyer motivation is vital for any business. Here are some of the key pointers to buyer motivation.

Market trend

In society today, you will rarely find someone using a phone with the traditional buttons that had four letters in every keypad. The trend shifted to smartphones and touch screens with keyboards that use the QWERTY system. As a person who sells mobile phones, you will not sell the tradition phones, but you will look to have not only smartphones but the latest in the market. Otherwise, you will not make any sales. The market trend helps the consumer evolve as they inform the seller on what a buyer wants.

Quality and durability

When a product is of high quality, buyers tend to prefer buying it no matter how much more they will have to spend on it as compared to cheaper low-quality products. Buyers love to feel as if they have spent their money on something worthwhile. No one wants to feel as if they wasted their money, even if they did not sweat to have it. Quality also involves offers excellent customer care and after sale services.

Seller’s reputation

If you have a terrible reputation as a seller, it does not matter how high the quality of your product is; people will churn from buying from you. Your brand should have a great offline and online reputation plus a brand story to relate with your potential clients and customers. A brand story is a passion behind the service you offer, and it extends to the reason why your team wakes up in the morning to come work for you. A brand story is not a one-time PR activity. It is built over time hence building a reputation for the company. Some people buy products from a seller just because the seller has a good reputation.

Prestige and Luxury

Talk of Gucci, Victoria Beckham’s collection, Versace, etc. These are luxurious brands that have built a fortune from satisfying the luxury niche in their industry. People have different spending powers. Some buyers can only afford a second-hand pair of sports shoe from the local vendor where else another has a closet full of Reeboks and Nike brands. As you do your market survey, you also need to make a decision on which class of people you seek to serve. Some brands prefer having a clientele of five people who will not mind spending a fortune for their services while others want to have a clientele of one million people who will afford their services.

Website navigation

Every eCommerce business needs to understand that their website is their shop. How people feel when they are in your shop will affect how they buy from you. If your site is not easy to navigate through, you will lose a lot of potential buyers. The bounce rate of a website is not only affected by how a website appears on a computer but also mobile usability. Can potential buyers find the ‘add to cart’ button easily? Where have you placed the call to action buttons in your site?


Every seller should be able to know how to find and attract their potential buyers. Marketing strategies can make a long list, but in today’s era, social media marketing is a strategy every seller should consider. There are millions of social media users all over the world, and a good percentage of these users might be potential buyers to your business. How to market effectively on social media is a plus. In 2019, you should consider including a lot of videos since statistics show that 80% of what people consume online is going to be in video form soon.

After sale services

For a buyer to not only consider you as a good seller, you also need to make it easy for them to consider coming back. Over 75% of customers who do not go back to buy from a particular brand is said to be because of lousy customer care services. If it is possible, offer delivery services either at a fair price or completely free. Also, you could add an effective return policy and hire a well-trained customer care team.


Most buyers know what they want and how they want to be treated. A brand that can cater for these two aspects of a buyer’s journey will not only have an increase in sales but also their marketing budget will be meager. Do not forget that buyers are motivated by aspects that are connected to their emotions.

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