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Top Commercial Security System Trends for 2019

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The need for top of the line commercial security systems has never been greater, as more and more companies prioritize the need for leading-edge security system technology in order to protect their employees, visitors, as well as their physical assets. Here, we discuss some of the top commercial security systems trends to look for in 2019 as well as the benefits of owning an advanced commercial security alarm system.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges that many security companies will face in the year 2019 is figuring out how to include advanced artificial intelligence in security systems. In fact, the demand for advanced AI integration into a myriad of different commercial applications has never been greater: There are many reasons for the increased demand, such as being able to understand the behavior of your target demographics easier and more accurately. 

In other words, advanced AI can help you and your enterprise understand the behavior of your consumers, allowing your company to make relatively precise predictions in regards to how they will act in the future.

Cloud and Edge Computing

In 2019 the dissemination of cloud and edge computing will spread even faster, spreading to more and more enterprises, as many will even move their entire infrastructure to a model that is cloud-based. However, with the rise of cloud-based solutions will come newfound issues such as too much data. That is, more data centres and ever-expanding capacities may cause some companies to be overwhelmed by the glut of data that is streaming in. 

One such area that may struggle with the data capacity demands of cloud-based computing is video surveillance, where data demands can prove overwhelming in many instances. The good news is the rise of edge computing will help offset some of the limitations of cloud technology. Edge computing essentially places more of the data processing at the outermost limit of the network. 

As such, much of the data processing will take place near the area where the data is actually being compiled by the sensor, and before the information is sent to the data centre. In sum, edge computing allows for the bandwidth demands of storage and data transfer to be drastically lowered, and one of the goals of many security companies in 2019 is to create perfect synchronicity between cloud and edge computing in order to maximize the benefits of both mediums.

Sensor Integration Driving Smart Actions

In 2019 you can expect more companies to integrate and amalgamate sensors in order to activate smart actions. To illustrate, an environmental sensor can be activated in order to prompt a thermal or video camera to rapidly identify any toxic spills, smoke, or fires, which will allow the appropriate first responders, authorities, or apparatuses/machinery to take action quicker and more efficiently.


In addition, there will be an increased focus on providing security that goes beyond physical protection when involving commercial security systems. For instance, given the rapidly growing user base of online-based applications, companies need to increase their focus on developing and implementing state of the art security systems that provide cutting edge cybersecurity in order to prevent attacks from hackers and cybercriminals.

Personalization vs Privacy

Many companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Youtube track the online behavior of their consumers and collect personal data in order to provide them with a custom-tailored user experience. However, some users have become concerned with how their data is being used by companies and third parties, and worry that they may have gone too far in order to compile relevant user data. 

As such, 2019 will bring an increased focus on the pros and cons of personalization and privacy, as companies try to devise new strategies that will allow companies to provide unique, relevant, and memorable user experiences to their consumers without invading their privacy in an intrusive manner.

More Intuitive Tech Options Will be Available

2019 will also usher in an increased focus on products that are user-friendly and intuitive. In fact, it is a trend that will quickly become an industry-wide phenomenon, as many security companies are working hard to improve their facial recognition technologies and the like in order to allow their clients to access their security systems in an easier and more convenient manner.

Self-Evaluating Applications Will Continue to Evolve

Furthermore, in addition to assessing external threats, machine learning and artificial intelligence will play an even bigger role in helping multiple applications protect themselves from threats.

The Authentication Revolution

Identity-as-a-service will become even more widely used in 2019, as it removes the need for passwords which can easily be stolen. Moreover, fast identity online uses voice recognition and biometrics as a more secure alternative to passwords, and will rapidly grow in use in 2019.

Perspective Changing on Data Security Governance

More and more companies will look for newfound ways to adapt by continuing to reassess their data security governance. In fact, more and more establishments are starting to embrace new domains, which will also require an increased focus on cloud and big data governance

Predictive Analytics

Arguably one of the biggest trends to look for in 2019 is the increased adoption of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics in one of the fastest growing domains in commercial security because it allows companies to prevent problems from transpiring from the very beginning.

Crash and Smash Technology

Some cunning burglars would destroy the central control panel of a security system in order to disarm it. Known as, “crash and smash” burglary, today’s commercial alarm security systems are so advanced that they are crash and smash proof. In fact, even the destroyed control panel will function to ensure that your enterprise is protected.

2-Way Voice Communication

2-way voice communication will grow in its use in 2019 as is provides many benefits. For instance, 2-way voice communication allows the personnel that are monitoring the system to actually confirm a burglary alarm before they decide whether or not to notify the authorities.


With geo-fencing users will be able to create a geographical bastion in order to facilitate an automated arming and disarming setup for their commercial alarm system. As such, users will be able to create a schedule for the system and it will promptly follow all of their instructions.

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