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Promote Your Brand: How to Select the Right Signage for Your Business

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Outdoor business signage gives your company a great first impression and makes sure that people or the public can see or catch a glimpse of your business day or night. There are plenty of options that you can choose from with regards to the design, size, and materials. 

Since your sign is one of the few first things a potential consumer sees, you need to select or pick one that emanates your services, products, and brand. Business signs can be, for the most part, created from various materials such as glass, metal, wood, and fabric. And each of these materials has its perks and downfalls. 

If you’re thinking about using an outdoor business sign, don’t fret. For a little help, we’ve listed some of the common or generally known types of business signages. 

Laser Cut Outdoor Sign

One of the most common outdoor signages for businesses is the laser cut outdoor sign. These signages are known for being weather-resistant, durable and can offer a modern and clean feel, as well as a historic vibe, relying upon the design. 

Laser cut signs can start off at $75 but without the installation. Bigger sizes or the addition of texture and color increases the price. However, you will, more often than not, see prices between two hundred to one thousand dollars. 

Relying upon the design, laser cut signs can be, for the most part, used by companies that want to have that modern, sleek, or retro sign. 

Awning Storefront Signs

An awning outdoor sign gives you the chance to provide shade or shelter for your business and your consumers in lousy weather. Aside from that, it’s also an attractive signage option. The prices for these signs rely upon the fabric and size of the awning, and the materials needed to install it. 

Awning storefront signs start around five hundred dollars and increase from there. Businesses with awning storefront signs might see or notice up to twenty-five percent savings in their electricity bills, according to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioner Engineers. 

Furthermore, awning storefront signages are also created to last in bad weather, making them a perfect long-term option. Aside from that, you can opt to place the name and logo of your business on the sides and front of the awning because of their design, boosting visibility. 

But the critical thing to note here is that the price of the awning storefront signage is in the installation charge, which can differ but could go up to a few thousand dollars. Relying upon the design, awning storefront signs can be, for the most part, used by cafes and restaurants to give their store a romantic or sentimental feel. 

Plywood Storefront Sign

Plywood outdoor signs are affordable and straightforward, but an elegant option. A  4’ x 4’ plywood storefront sign can start at $50, without the installation fees. The type of finish or paint you choose and the size of the font pick, as well as the size of your sign, are all the elements or factors that will influence the cost. 

There are other kinds of wood as well, such as cherry or oak. However, expect to spend a few hundred bucks for these high-end materials. If you are thinking about placing a plywood outdoor sign, keep in mind that such signages are vulnerable to weather damage, and might need regular replacement. 

Nevertheless, a painted plywood sign is, for the most part, best for restaurants that want to have that old-fashioned or retro vibe. Additionally, it can also be ideal for upscale retailers who want to give their boutiques or stores a rustic theme. 

Fabric Outdoor Sign

Fabric outdoor signs can be unique and colorful in some ways. However, they need more maintenance and upkeep and need to be replaced more often. Although they are regarded as an affordable and low-cost option, they can, for the most part, cost more over time. 

Nylon, plastic, or vinyl banners can range from three dollars to nine dollars per square foot. Expect to spend more on hardware and installation and heavy-duty fade-resistant fabric. Fabric outdoor signs at a 4’ x 6’ size are, believe it or not, best to order off the internet since they can be shipped quickly. 

Above everything else, fabric outdoor signs are a popular option because of their ability to adapt to many things. Therefore, any kind of business, whether big or small, can use them. 

They can be as undemanding as a banner for kiosks or established into framed lightboxes for big retail stores. The framed lightboxes make it easier for potential consumers to see the name of your store at night. 


With the help of this article, you may have already come up with the kind of outdoor signage you want for your business. But take note that the list of options does not end here. Laser Cut Outdoor Signs, Awning Storefront Signs, Plywood Storefront Signs, and Fabric Outdoor Signs are only some of the most common signs your business might need. 

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