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The Advantages of Setting Up a Multilingual Business Website

Learn why a multi-language site is good for your company. From gaining a new audience to generating more traffic and building trust, you can never go wrong with website translation. 

Why a Multi-Language Website Is Good for Your Business

Creating a multi-language website is a sure way of expanding your business into international territories without going over your budget. Each day, thousands of enterprises continue to make significant gains on the global stage; all thanks to translating their sites. If you are yet to create a multilingual website, below are some benefits of setting up one that will convince you to go ahead. 

Opportunity to Get a New Audience

When you translate your site, you gain an audience in the markets you are trying to get into. How so? Translating enables you to convey your product or service descriptions as well as upcoming sales and discount information in a language that the target demographic understands. In turn, you get to attract a new audience to add to the one you are already serving.  

Opportunity to Enter New Markets

By using the appropriate language, you can easily get into a new market territory. Competing with enterprises that are already catering to a particular region can be a nightmare if you do not follow their suit in using the native language. When you use a language that the people of a region comprehend, they will be more welcoming of your business and will give it a chance whenever they are shopping for the products or services your company offers. 

More Traffic and New Customers

Communicating in a language the audience understands significantly increases website traffic while also establishing strong relationships with new customers. Customers are drawn to websites that offer information in a language they understand thus making it easier for them to act. Moreover, search engines will make your business pop up each time there is a search of a service or product you offer if you have translated and localized your site for that region.

Get More Trust from Your Customers

Building customer trust is easy when you use a multi-language website. Translating your site makes it simple for your target audience to understand all information regarding your enterprise thus fostering brand recognition. With time, they develop trust for the business and will be willing to interact with it whenever they need something the enterprise offers. 

Opportunity to Increase Sales

Business is all about boosting sales. And one of the surest ways to achieve this is translating your website. According to, their conversion in Germany increased two-fold after translating their website into German. Aside from that, their conversion rate in France went up to 1% from 0.6% thanks to translating their site into French. From these sample statistics as well as others, it is plain to see that with the appropriate language, a business stands to gain more conversions. 

Final Word

These are some of the advantages you stand to realize upon translating your website. However, worth noting is that these benefits will only be reaped if you do it well. Generic translations that fail to sit well with the target audience can do a business much harm. 

To realize effective translations that bring about the advantages highlighted in this post, use for converting your messages into the appropriate language. This service stands out from the rest due to the products it offers, in essence:

  • Website localizer: Allows you to localize your site fast.
  • API: Allows other applications to order human translations for written content. In turn, this helps companies to integrate a multilingual content strategy easily. 
  • Integrations: can be integrated with over 30 applications as well as CMS’s such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc.

And lest we forget, this service also supports tickets and chat translation system. All in all, seeing as there is much can do for you, it makes sense to give it a try with an option of re-evaluating your decision after gauging the success of translating your website to a specific language.  

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