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Why Is Twitter Still Important for Your Business?

If you are the part of Generation Z or even a younger millennial you must have witnessed the evolution and decline of social media platforms. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, these platforms are rendered “Uncool” by the majority users as they age. The current time can be safely accredited to Instagram posts and “Snaps” as hot favorites of the social media world. But what does this mean for the Business owners of this day and age? Do you render it uncool like the day to day user and hop onto the trend train or do you stick to the tried and tested platforms of social media marketing??

Here I would like to hop in and ask, why not both? Sometimes it may be too much to handle all the platforms that are available out there, however, if you are missing out on any one of them just because the local trend has shifted, it signifies a gross misjudgment on your part. 

Let’s have a look at the stats:


Twitter currently ranks as one of the leading social platforms based on active users. In the recent year of 2018, Twitter had 326 million monthly active users sending millions of tweets per day.

Recent Stats [1]

  • Number of Tweets sent per day is 500 Million 
  • Percentage of active users on mobile is 80%
  • Daily active users on Twitter are 100 million
  • Total number of monthly active users are 326 Million

Using Twitter for your business promotion does not mean that you let go of other social platforms. In fact, using it along with other platforms will be a bonus for you because Twitter can increase your visibility in search engines; a plus that you won’t find on other social media sites.

Thus, Twitter can be utilized for exposure, branding and leads no matter what niche or size your business belongs to. 

Twitter Can Help You Rank Higher in SERPs

Twitter announced that tweets will appear in relevant Google search results. This means that your brand tweets could show up on the top making this a massive business boost. To reap the complete benefits of this feature, however,  you need to have a complete profile that is attractive to customers. Because, if you have a ton of tweets that are appearing in the SERPs but no website URL or incomplete information, you lose your customer between the interest and the intent parts of the funnel.

So many people who are unaware of your brand or services can actually learn about you with the help of Twitter search engine visibility. The more people you reach, the more sales you will make. Brand awareness is such an important factor in business growth. Simply being on Twitter can lead to more traffic and sales for your website.

This is a great benefit since practicing traditional SEO on your website can take months, if not years, to show results and bring you organic traffic. Whereas Twitter which is already an extremely popular social media platform can send traffic if you have a lot of followers and engagement. Remember to use URLs in your tweets because they are clickable and will provide readers with a direction to visit your site with a single click.

Real-Time Customer Service

People often come to social media and ask questions related to your product or services. Their first priority is to find you on social media rather than to visit your website and email you. The simple reason for this is the ease of access and availability. Everyone has twitter, Instagram and Facebook on their cell phones. They don’t need to go to a website, find the relevant page and then email you with their query. There is uncertainty surrounding this process as email platforms do not ensure read receipts either. Social media platforms and messaging applications, however, eliminate this uncertainty. Hence, if you are not active on social media, you are missing out on a lot of customer engagement that is vital to building trust among your audience.

Pull Marketing

Being on twitter will not only allow you to answer the queries of your audience and customers it can also assist you in Pull-marketing by opening a window into your client’s likes and dislikes. This may seem a little unorthodox but that is what will set YOU apart from your competitors especially if you provide B2B services. 

Let’s assume that you have a Web Design Agency. The sales department has reached out and been declined by the owners or CEOs of local businesses. Following them on twitter will lend you an insight into their personal life making it easier for you to start a conversation. Being thoughtful and putting in the effort to know your client will be highly appreciated and get you more leads. So, in short, we can say that Twitter presents a legal opportunity that has the same results as following someone around but without the danger of a restraining order!  

Refined Targeted Audience 

Targeted Audience means the people that are most likely to use your services. For example, if you’re selling toys, then your targeted audience is kids, not older people. Reaching your targeted audience is always the first step for generating quick leads and reaching them on Twitter is never difficult. Here are some twitter tools which will help you to find your targeted audience in no time.


When people want to search for content on social platforms nowadays their first priority is to look for relevant hashtags. Your targeted audience has the same interests as you. So, if you add the trending or most used hashtags related to your product in your tweets, you will surely find many people who are already interested to try your products/services.

Hashtags are a blessing for digital marketers because they are a way to add keywords to your posts, even visual ones, without having the need to carefully curate an article or a description to include the relevant keywords. Now, you can be creative with the description and add hashtags so that the relevant audience can locate your tweet. 

I have already mentioned that Twitter has more than 100 Million active users daily. So, there are no surprises when I say that almost every day thousands of people search for the hashtags related to your service.


You have no idea how a single retweet from a famous brand or person can help you reach thousands of people in no time. A retweet basically works as a share. For example, if you post a tweet and any influencer having a significant following retweets your content, then all of his followers will be able to see your message in their timeline. Getting a retweet from the profiles that provide the same services as you will really help you to reach your targeted audience

You can also invest some of your marketing budget in getting paid shoutouts from accounts with a high following. This will definitely be an investment especially if you have a small business that needs recognition in a specific area.

It’s Widespread Free Marketing

Running a business website and not joining Twitter is a massive missed opportunity. Twitter is like a free investment for your business because you have nothing to lose. It is the most popular platform for business promotion and even a decrease in popularity has failed to knock it off the list of most popular social platforms. 

Paid Ad Campaigns

If you don’t want to grow your business on Twitter by using hashtags and retweets, then you can use Twitter paid ad campaigns for your business promotion. Twitter will automatically promote your message to the relevant audience with the specific location you select. There are different pricing options for business promotion. You can see the details by clicking here.

Twitter can Help with Backlinks to Your Site

Backlinks are created when one website adds a link to another website. Backlinking is a key factor for ranking your site on search engines, especially on Google. When a person tweets something with your website URL, Google considers it a backlink. The more backlinks you get, the more it will positively affect your ranking.

There are many people on twitter who are waiting to share backlinks in their tweets. By reaching out to those people, you can easily make a deal with them to share each others links. 

How Can I Reach Those People?

Just by searching ‘backlink’ as a hashtag in the search bar, you can reach those people. You can see hundreds of tweets about backlinking on any given day. You can post your own tweet with a backlink hashtag request and see how quickly people will approach you to make a deal.


  • There is no disadvantage for you at all to join Twitter for your business growth
  • One of the best social platforms for business promotion
  • It is easy for your audience to find, and communicate with, you
  • It is helpful for them to see your latest updates quickly 
  • You will get new clients 
  • Helps you in Search Engine Visibility
  • Gives you more quality backlinks

You can comment freely if you have any questions related to the article or you want to learn more about growing your business on Twitter or other platforms.

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