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Animated Videos and Social Media – A Perfect Recipe for Online Marketing Success

Explainer videos are forming the backbone of any kind of promotion campaign as AV mediums are available in abundance these days. However, not all explainer videos are easy to make and are low budget. So, marketers need finding ways to bring down the promotion cost. Animated videos fit the bill in this regard quite easily. 

These videos stand out in appeal, have a great connecting capacity and are easily sharable over various media channels. Once you have got animated video as your promotion tool, you need a medium that costs less, reaches more people and has everlasting appeal. All these features define the characteristics of social media, which is why these channels are the best platform for displaying animated videos.

We have explored an online video maker tool called simpleshow and it seems to be a very cool tool for creating animated explainer videos to be displayed on social media. Coming back to the characteristics of animated videos, as follows, a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this video area:

1. User-centric content in which complex topics are explained in a simple manner

To help end users identify with the product or service, the businesses require making content that fits the users perfectly. The content should project the offering as an ultimate solution for the users. Animated videos help in achieving user-friendliness. Majority of people using social media tend to go through only that content which is easy to relate with. Animated videos are quite like that.

2. Ability to mould in any form

Animated videos can take any form such as graphical presentations, infographics, news release and so on. Thus, these are ideal for all sorts of social media channels. Some media have tools for promoting textual content well, while others offer a suitable platform for AVs or visual content. Whatever the type of media is, animated videos can use its features aptly.

3. High ability to stay in memories

The content of animated videos is hard-hitting, unique and quite capable of staying in memories for long. The tools of social media are further useful in cashing the popularity of animated video campaign repeatedly. For example, social media sends us alerts about what we shared some years ago. So, animated videos can take advantage of this feature and offer more value in terms of achieving customer attention per promotion unit.

4. An affordable way of promoting any business

Making a short video or a movie is way costlier than creating an animated video. Also, the offline promotion of products is also costlier as it reaches few people, incurs a higher cost and does not have much retention value. Animated videos can reach larger audiences per advertising cost. Social media also comes free of cost to people in many ways. Thus, the businesses creating animated videos and end users watching them on social media can rightly be said in a win-win situation. Without incurring much cost, the objectives of promotion are easily achieved.

So, this is why the animated videos are fast becoming the ideal choice for promoting businesses, products, and services. And the social media offers the correct vehicle for taking these videos to the right target, and, as well to a larger audience. Thus, they both create a perfect setting for promoting your business on the online platform successfully.

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Mariia Lvovych is a freelance writer and an expert both in SEO and in internet marketing. CEO and founder at blog advertising platform, which aims to connect bloggers with brands looking to get reviews for their products.