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Best 7 Wedding Website Builders For Free

Looking for the best wedding website builders for your big day? Wix, Minted, and other wedding websites? We’ve got 7 of the best free wedding websites to show you!

Wedding website builders are the in-thing now for modern couples. Every couple wants a wedding website with music among other things to mark their big day in style. And I couldn’t agree more because wedding website builders make your work easier.

From the wedding venue to accommodations, program, and even the registry. Everything is in one place. Guests can even pick a subscription box for wedding from the registry. But who wants to start a wedding website from for scratch? No one has got such time and energy.

Hence, wedding forward outlines a list of the best free wedding website creators. We came about this from wedding website reviews by real couples. So, let’s see the general attributes of great wedding website builders. 

What Features should a wedding Website have? 

When contemplating wedding websites, there are must-have features that they must have. They are the main reasons why the sites can work for weddings in the first place. A wedding website must have most of these features. Else, it’s total crap. The features are in bullet points below. 

  • Easy navigation 
  • Affordable or Free
  • An all in one wide array of wedding functions 
  • Planner and RSVP tracker
  • Beautiful varieties of design templates 
  • Editable for customization and personality flair
  • Website photo gallery 
  • Website video gallery 
  • Wedding registry 
  • Interactive accommodation and venue maps

Now, the 7 top wedding websites are so because each of them has all or most of the features listed above. And the websites include; 

1. Wix

Wix wedding websites and host are one of the most used. This is a website that gives the user total control on customization. It is couples inclusive, rather than box them on a corner. With the free plan, a couple gets all the essentials to create an encompassing website. 

There is no need to subscribe to the $11/month package because you’d have access to massive image collections. This also includes icons and clip art which are customizable and free for use on the website. 

Bandwidth and storage are up to 500MB each, with a bonus of unlimited Wix support. They support the user by walking them through the process, using videos, article tutorials, etc. 

You can send E-invites, email RSVPs, and you have a registry too. Guests can also see the wedding countdown, the current weather report, and other real-time wedding information.

Wix is one of the most satisfying wedding websites. From wedding website reviews, we hear that this is more than a wedding website. It is a hub that brings the whole wedding plans under one roof. Subscribing to a paid plan will give you more than what’s necessary for a wedding. So you don’t have to. 

2. Wedding Woo 

Wedding Woo is one of the wedding website builders that’s a toast amongst couples at the moment. It is very popular and sought after. This is because it is specific to the wedding and tailored to fit couples. It is also easy to create, navigate, edit and customize. 

Wedding Woo has its website centered on couples, and it reflects such in its layout template designs. Creating a unique and breathtaking website on Wedding Woo is seamless, easy and fast. 

It parades a countdown widget, Bing translation, and sound cloud music widget. It also has an endless bandwidth and custom domain, plus an online registry password protection. You have access to customizable online RSVP, song requests and Facebook photos importation. 

For this website, there is no basic free plan, but it is very affordable. You can begin with a 7-day trial if it is what you’re looking for. After which one pays a year subscription of $49. Peradventure a person goes ahead to pay before making their decision. There is a 30-day money back guarantee. So, with Wedding Woo, what you see is what you get. And you can always get your money back within the 30 days window period if you’re not a fit for the site. 

3. Joy

Joy is a very simple website for the minimalist couple. It is a popular one amongst brides. It is easy and quick to build, plus valuable features essential for wedding websites. Its designs are simple and attractive. Joy is a hub that brings in all the complex details of wedding planning into one place. 

The website is free and access to its features are quite unlimited. There isn’t any pressure to upgrade as it’s the only plan that the website offers. If a couple in indecisive about the wedding website they want. Joy is their best bet. They can play around with the assurance that they are big losing money. 

And while at it, they’ll have access to unlimited photo storage and free website hosting. A planning dashboard, endless guest accounts, digital invites and RSVP to boot. This is so much for free. 

The only setback that couples may encounter is the layout. While the design of other features is customizable, there’s only one overall layout. And this is restricting to couples.

4. Zola

For wedding websites, Zola is the one-stop hub for everything. Making wedding website comparison, it comes out tops. For something which began as a registry, they’ve paid their dues. Zola features an extensive registry that allows you to add gifts from stores all over. 

One can build this site in minutes, it’s that easy, and it looks beautiful on anything. With Zola, your wedding planning comes in one place, and you can set up checklists in a flash. The best part is that Zola is free, excellent and easy to use, with jaw-dropping features. 

The designs are great and there is sync on every wedding planning tool. You don’t have to import the manual method or go anywhere for anything. It is modern and has a seamless relationship with lots of brands. Although, it’s not without faults. 

There can be better website designs, invitations, and papers than what they have. And the website is not so flexible for customization. This is a bit restricting for couples who want to explore. 

5. Wedding Window

This is the perfect website tailored to the specific needs, wants and designs of a couple. It is one of the best, neat and modern popular wedding website builders. Wedding Window is easy to create without the need for any technical savvy expertise. Every random person can work through and create an outstanding wedding website with Wedding Window.

For their free plan, this wedding website offers music, standard planning tool, and free themes. They also include 500MB storage, video or photo background, 13 pages of live preview editor and simple RSVP. 

If you want more and decide to upgrade to premium, it costs $54/yr. It includes everything on the free plan, 60 pages of live preview editor, and premium themes. You’ll also find 20 GB of storage and custom photo & video backgrounds. 

On Wedding Window, there is the drag and drop feature that lets you design each page.  It also integrates all the planning features, helping you stay organized through the planning process. 

The only problem couples complained about so far is that, there’s no mobile editing. The designs also look repetitive, and there’s no customization option. 

6. Minted 

If you search on your google console, you’ll discover that minted wedding website find a couple is popular. This is because minted didn’t begin as a website. They are first, a leading wedding stationery and invitations company. They’ve been helping couples make their days special since forever. 

Minted combines its masterpiece stationery and wedding websites. They create perfect themes and templates. This website is a hub that features many great artists, bringing in top-notch designs. The best part is, the website takes only about 10 minutes to create. 

You can customize the templates, set up registries, book accommodation, and navigate maps. These are for free. 

Upgrade to the premium package for a one-time fee of $20 and get website privacy features. Also a personal URL and photo gallery. 

7. Weebly 

Weebly wedding websites are very popular with wide usage.  This website offers every essential mix for creating a wedding website. It begins with customizable color schemes and layout to suit the user’s needs. Weebly is simple, flexible, and free. 

The free version offers 500 MB standard storage and SSL security. You’ll also find drag and drop web builder, specific wedding sections, separate RSVP section, and other hubs. 

What’s more? Any of your wedding items you don’t care for anymore, you can sell them out. Weebly allows you to add these items to your online store.

 Although, the review is that their templates and layouts are obsolete styles. There is also the problem of ads popping up on the free version. So if you want to bypass that, pay a subscription fee of $8/mo.

With the wedding website comparison we’ve done, you’d know what wedding website builders work for you. Make your lucky pick!

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