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Follow the Instagram Strategy Employed by Successful Businesess to Expand Your Reach

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If you are into email marketing, it is important to make sure that your email is good enough to pass through the “inbox cull” first so that people do not delete it along with all other emails they think to be spam. Similarly, for social media marketing using Instagram, it is important that you follow the footsteps and strategy of the most successful businesses to ensure your efforts are rewarding and your investment productive.

Incorporating the two is not easy because you will need to make sure that every user, as well as the influencers that you may have chosen to expand your reach, open your outreach email with praise. Therefore, you must make sure that you are specific and precise enough so they know that you really know your work as well as what you want from them in return.

It is important to say things more comprehensively and convincingly to be successful in this wide, varied ad most competitive field of marketing. Therefore, you must make sure that your posts and campaign includes the following:

  • Asking them to share your content or a portion of it in the most polite yet effective manner
  • Pitching them with something that they are really interested in
  • Showing influencers that you know about their work and have read a lot of their blogs and watched a lot of their work videos as well and
  • Including the things that they love and avoiding those things that will irk them or may simply rile them up.

If you wish to use influencers, you must make sure that you have adequate knowledge about crafting a pitch that they will care about. This is a very important aspect to remember because influencers who are in high demand will usually receive a hundred to three hundred pitches every day. Of these, they may only reply to a handful. 

  • Whether it is influencers or a common user, to create a better pitch like the experts at Stormlikes, you must stick to original research. 
  • Remember, people always look for new info and not for rewrites that they may have read a hundred times before.
  • That means you have to put in some effort and five to ten hours extra work for research. This effort will help you to create an extraordinary piece of content that people will actually like and share.
  • You must also have a website and a good platform of your own that will help you to grow your email list and build a social media following with your unique content. 

Focus on publishing or curating content, making it as good as possible because users are attracted to good work that has something to say and is full of smart ideas.

Other strategies to follow

In addition to the above, you must also focus on roundup posts and contribute to them. This will help you to develop new relationships and take the level of engagement to a higher level.

  • Roundup posts are those specific items used in Instagram marketing that will acknowledge the expertise of influencers and you, but that do not require a major commitment. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to contribute to a roundup post.
  • If you are not fond of roundup posts, you can simply reach out with your content and ask users as well as influencers for a quote about your topic that revolves around the content that you have created. 

You must ensure, however, that you choose to write on a topic that is evergreen and ever in demand. This is a very good practice even if you may not see results  for a month or so.

Use of influencers 

If you are using influencers for your marketing then make sure that you follow these two specific approaches:

  • One, send a draft of your piece of content over because this will help them get a fair idea of the context and 
  • Two, make an offer to guest post on their blog provided you know that your piece is as good as their blogs. 

These are two great ways to influence your influencers and give them back what they want. It is not easy, however, to get influencers engaged with your posts, but once you do, you will actually triple your chances of business success. Just make sure that you:

  • Focus on the smaller influencers but not those who are too small
  • Think of influencers as your friends instead of just targets for your onetime campaigns and 
  • Make a shortlist of good influencers who are in demand and worth your time investment in building a genuine relationship.

Once you are done with the above, the rest will be easy and will fall into places quite naturally and automatically. All you need to succeed in your Instagram marketing and social media campaign is to know yourself, be yourself, and act just like you would with any other business partner.

You will also need to follow their work, blogs and videos very closely and interact with them online. Lastly, make sure that you communicate with them and ask questions as required to show your commitment to the success of your business.

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