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Are You Creative Enough? Here’s Why Entrepreneurship Requires Creativity

Many people tend to believe that entrepreneurship has nothing to do with being creative. Most entrepreneurs tend to focus on the amount of money they are going to accumulate from their business rather than on the factors that have a major contribution to the entire process. It is vital to point out what creativity is in the world of business. 

Creativity is not something related to the field of arts. It is something that exists in every individual that can be utilized for any business. It is not only visible through the execution of different ideas but is also evident in the ability of a company or a business to adjust in new circumstances. Finding solutions to different problems also falls in the category of being creative. Creativity is anything that transcends the boundaries of being “usual.” It is everything unusual or out of the box.

How Can Entrepreneurs Use Creativity? 

Entrepreneurs are in the constant process of coming up with new ideas and innovations in the field of business. Start-up companies who are willing to enter the market can only manage to strengthen the line of their target market if they come up with a unique idea or innovation. Offering the same idea or innovation that has already been used before would not help them achieve more in this modern world of business. 

Misconception Amongst Entrepreneurs

Since childhood individuals are taught that, intelligence is the key to success. More or less, most businesses are following the same dynamics. It is one of the reasons why people consider creativity to be less important. However as dynamics are changing, aspiring entrepreneurs gradually realize the importance of creativity. Creative workers are being considered as game changers now that companies are focusing more on enhancing and utilizing their skills adequately.

How Creativity Helps Businesses? 

Creativity brings about a positive change in businesses. The following factors are the ones that make creativity an important part of an entrepreneur’s life.

Creativity Leads to Competitive Advantage 

The entire process of entrepreneurship is dependent upon creating and exploring new and unique ideas. An entrepreneur can manage to get an edge over the existing competition in the market if they can generate a new idea that is feasible for the company.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that creativity be used only for coming up with new ideas. It can also be used to improve, or add more to, old existing ideas. There is always room for improvement in whatever business you are conducting. 

Pushing the Boundaries 

A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs are following a set pattern of conducting their business. Their routine is monotonous. They hardly think about changing their routine mainly because they tend to focus more on the fact that their business is doing fine rather than on ways through which it can be improved. Sitting back allows your competitors to come up with a game changing idea that can gain an edge over your business. It is better to keep on pushing your boundaries. One should never settle for less.

Why Are Creative Minds Essential for Entrepreneurship?

Creative ideas are essential for any upcoming or existing business. There are several reasons for it. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Creative minds tend to have a specific disposition that they are more likely to follow. They have the mindset to come up with new thoughts and ideas that apply to several situations. One example of such creativity is Steve Jobs. He started his idea in a garage that eventually turned into one of the best-selling tech companies in the world. He introduced something unusual as a result of which he was able to establish a loyal line of customers. 
  1. Creativity can never thrive in an environment that is based solely on following a set pattern of structure and pressure. Same goes for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need freedom and time to come up with good ideas that can lead to growth. Flexibility is vital for entrepreneurs and their creative minds. 
  1. Creative minds know how to connect the dots. They observe the world at large in a very in-depth manner. Their observations are then used to orchestrate establishing better companies. Observations should be taken into consideration because they can help companies access the aspects that they were not focusing on before. 
  1. Businesses should know how to influence their target or else they can fail. Creative minds know how to utilize their influential capabilities as they have already mastered the art of being persuasive. They follow the proper channel of communicating a creative idea. They know how to build their structure through a smooth transition from emotions to logic. 

Characteristics of a Creative Individual 

Entrepreneurs tend to find it difficult when it comes to assessing the creativity of an individual. There are several characteristics of a creative individual, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Creative individuals know how to attract customers without violating rules and regulations. They follow all the rules and principles and still manage to attract potential customers, adding value to the organization they are working in. 
  1. Creative individuals follow a three-step process to implement their ideas. They tend to experiment with their ideas and wait for results. The results help them learn from their experience which helps decide upon the idea that can be implemented.
  1. Creative individuals are more likely to focus on experimenting with new ideas rather than on the loss that it can incur.
  1. They believe that their service or product is not good enough; hence they always focus more on the room for improvement.
  1. They are not afraid of creativity as their focus is always on the ways it can benefit the enterprise they are working in.
  1. Creative individuals are always ready to take criticism as it can help them improve and refine their idea more. 
  1. Creative individuals always ensure that they come up with new products for existing services or vice versa. 

New and existing businesses should leave the model of path dependency and focus more on enhancing and utilizing the skills of their creative individuals. The old dynamics that encouraged people to prefer intelligence over creativity should no longer exist. A creative person can be intelligent, but it is not necessary that an intelligent person is creative. Business dynamics should change to incur more profit than loss.

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