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Top 5 Blogging Trends in 2019

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You surely want to create a blog that stands out in its niche and capture the attention of maximum readers. For that, you have to create engaging, unique and attractive blogs. You need to be sure about producing quality content and following blogging trends of your time. Here are the top blogging trends of this year.

Video Blogging

Nothing can better capture your audience attention than a well-made video. If a picture worth a thousand words, then a video absolutely worth a million words. Videos prove to be the most engaging media for your audience. If you want to communicate better and offer your products or services more interestingly, than start making video blogs. With a smartphone and basic editing software, you can record good quality videos. If you are explaining something, try adding relevant charts, infographics and pictures to make a compelling video.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is also the latest trend on social media. Live streaming allows you to interact personally with your audience in real time. It encourages your viewers to connect with you more often, and they can share live comments in a more intimate space. You can also share your live streaming later for those who have missed it out. You can give a live demonstration of your products or services, make a tour of your business, and you can also interview the creators in a live video. Create content upon the request of your audience and share it through live streaming. It is a powerful tool to share engaging content.

Create Engaging Content

Good content is the only key to make your blog successful. You need to have a well-written content at first. It’s better to post quality articles once or twice a week rather than posting substandard articles every day. Do proper research while creating content. It should address the issues of your audience and provide them valuable information in an understandable and interesting way. Try to come up with something your audience wants to know and share. Longer and detailed blogs are more in trend this year. The top rated posts were around 2000 words in length. So gear up for more in-depth research to dig out every necessary detail of your topic.

Give Your Blog a Designer Makeover

This year, the blogs no longer appear like the typical posts of previous years. Give your blog a new look by adding designer images related to your topic. Your blog page should look more like a ‘Home Page’ of the website with every blog leading to other recent blog through links. As a blogger, you should be capable of revamping the appearance of your blogs. Whether you run a travel blog or a food blog, it’s time to follow the trend and give it a new look. If you do not have that skill, make sure to seek the help of a digital marketing agency where you can get all the services to make your blog a success.


If you are advertising for the native audience, storytelling strategy can help you a lot in promoting your product or service through blogs. You can craft an interesting story for your readers which will make them read it till the last.

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