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Success Tips for Freelance Handymen

Success Tips for Freelance Handymen

Not every freelancer wants to be a new age life coach or consultant. Some of them just want to do what they love and get paid to do it. Still, others want to do what they happen to be great at… And get paid for it.

A freelancer is an entrepreneur too, but we mostly envisage them selling products through an e-commerce store or working as internet marketers. The definition of an entrepreneur does include handymen though. If this you, then the following will help you get ahead.


Depending on where you are, and what skill sets you are going to be making use of you may need to obtain a license – if this is the case then you should get yourself licensed as soon as possible. Naturally, if you are going to specialize in a specific trade, then it makes sense to get yourself licensed in that trade. A general contractor’s license may make more sense for you if you will be operating a general handyman business.

Being licensed lends more credibility to your business and will end with you securing higher-paid jobs.

Before you begin your journey as a handyman to the stars, you are going to need to find yourself a capable and reliable source for all of the parts you are going to need. Sure, you will sometimes be able to just go to a local hardware store but you will still need a plan B if they run out of something in particular.

Managing to score a good deal on parts is obviously important, but being able to get a part right when you need it trumps that every time – no reliable source = no business. Thinking of third-party suppliers, you will want to get handyman insurance too.

Word of mouth is key

The very best advertising, by far, is word of mouth and the recommendations that your clients and customers give. As a freelance handyman you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your clients to spread the word.

If they love the work you have done for them they will want to tell your friends and colleagues about you.

Specialize in what is actually relevant to your local community

Whatever services that your local community may need, it makes sense to offer those services yourself. For example, if your local climate is particularly cold and people tend to use wood fireplaces and stoves then you could offer services that include splitting, stacking and delivering firewood.

Include building firewood storage shelters in your services too. If the area is prone to heavy snowfall, and you can get the equipment, you could offer to plow driveways and private roads. Thinking more ambitiously on that front, you could even bid for a contract plowing public roads around your neighbourhood and further.

Working as a freelance handyman is an excellent way to get yourself paid for putting to use the skills that you already have, and being able to support your local community at the same time.

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