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5 Major Survey Trends to Know in 2019

Are you new to the wonderful world of surveying? If so, then you can quickly come up to speed by following the latest survey trends. 

To keep healthy customer relationships, increase profitability, and improve working environments, it is crucial to collect the right data which can be facilitated by surveys. In order to make the most of modern data collection, consider some of the latest trends in 2019. 

1. Custom Surveys

Not every organization is the same. Sure, some issues can be generalized, but more times than not, your organization faces unique challenges that others do not face. As such, gone are the days of loading a pre-made survey into your survey tool of choice. Now, in order to ensure the highest quality of data, there is a trend to turn towards custom surveys. These surveys are created and validated towards your specific organization, ultimately maximizing the insights that you can gain. 

2. Pulse surveys

There is always an assumption that surveys are time-consuming. However, with the help of a pulse survey, you can make it quick and easy for both the creator and the respondent. With pulse surveys, you administer shorter surveys on a more frequent basis. This way you can easily collect data all year round without much hassle, ultimately making your organization more agile and responsive to the needs of your stakeholders.

3. Employee surveys

Do you survey your employees regularly? If your answer is ‘no’, then this year make sure to start surveying your employees at least twice a year. The results that you will get from an employee satisfaction survey or an employee engagement survey will help you discover new cultural pillars that your company should embrace to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.  After the survey, don’t forget to share your results and subsequent developments with your respondents.

4. Use modern technology to distribute a survey

In the past, e-mail was an easy and effective way to reach people with your survey. However, in today’s busy world, many people forget to check their emails regularly or their inboxes are flooded. Therefore, email is not as effective of a way in 2019 as in years past.  

If you want to contact your respondents and deliver the survey, consider using more commonly-used mediums such as SMS. Additionally, depending on your respondent base, you may also want to consider Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, or Linkedin. While designing a survey, be sure to include an option for social delivery.

5. Interactive surveys

There is no place for boring and old-fashioned surveys in 2019. With the increased importance of easy-to-navigate user interfaces, design a survey using a modern survey tool that leverages color, font style, and more to capture your brand, beautifully. 

You might be confused about which online survey tool you should use. There are many online survey tools available, and after evaluation, we have come up with the top 5 most effective online survey tools:

  • Survey Monkey
  • Ambivista 
  • Qualtrics
  • Survey Gizmo
  • Typeform

All the above-mentioned online survey tools have their own benefits. The best survey software for you will depend on your budget and business needs. 

Use online survey services to gain actionable insights that will help you improve the performance of your company. The highly trustworthy feedback solutions by these online survey tools are best suited to fit your needs and provide your business with a competitive advantage.

Follow the above-mentioned tips for your surveys in 2019 to create more personalized, user-friendly, well-structured, and effective surveys for your company. You will notice increased response rates and enjoyment of the overall survey experience.

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