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The Benefits of Blogging

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There are many different kinds of blogs out there and people blog for different reasons.  Some blogs are professional, some are personal and some are poetic! There are people who blog for fun and there are people who blog for business.  The key to a successful blog, irrespective of the purpose, is to keep the blog consistent, light, engaging and fun.

Yes, fun!  Even when a blog is informative, there needs to be an element of creativity, or lightness.

You do not have to be a professional writer to blog.  It does help if you have a lovely turn of phrase, allow words to flow and are inherently creative. If you are blogging for business, you need to use more business-like vocabulary, whereas if you are blogging for personal reasons, or are a lifestyle blogger, you need to use terms that will leap out at the reader.  Here are a few tips for you, whether you are a beginner blogger or a seasoned professional!

Don’t Be Inhibited

The first time you write, you should let the words flow.  It’s called a stream of consciousness, and you should write with abandon.  Write from start to finish before you edit.  Only when you have finished should you do a spell check, a grammar check, and a full edit.  If your blog is purely personal, you may not even want to edit, although we would strongly advise it!  If your blog is for business, it is important that before you push that ‘publish’ button, you do a good strong edit.  Write with abandon in the beginning, then go over it, and over it, and hone it down.

Connect with like-minded bloggers

If you are blogging about poetry, for example, follow other bloggers who write or blog poetry.  The more you read from others, the more you learn.  Also, the more you follow others who are similar to you, the more they will follow you.

On setting up a blog

You can ask the professionals, web site developers, to set up your blog, but you can also do your own.  All the major blog hosts have instructions for you to set up your own blog and they are really easy to follow. Do your own research to see who you want to use; there are plenty of options.  Once you have set up your blog, you will pay a small annual fee for blog hosting, but this is a minimal fee and each site gives you several options to choose from.

Use tags carefully

No matter which blogging platform you are using – WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Medium – always use tags and keywords carefully.  Unless you do not want anyone to find your blog and it is genuinely just for you as a diary or journal, put your blog in the right category, and tag your keywords.  This way, people who want to find you will be able to find you.  It’s also a good idea to use links.  See what we did there!  

Images should be amazing.  And not copyrighted!

Sometimes, you can spend as much time searching for the right images as you do writing the actual blog.  Our advice would be to spend more time on the actual content of your blog – you want it to be fabulous – and do the images quickly but carefully.  You can use the Internet to find amazing images that are non-copyrighted.  Also, make quite sure that your images actually correspond to your content.  No point adding a pic of a gorgeous sunset if you are talking about writing, for example.  Rather, find a pic of someone writing, typing or in front of a computer!

Contact details should be easy to find

If you are blogging for a business, you would want your blog to link through to your web page.  Make sure that all details are clear on your blog and make sure that readers do not struggle to find your contact details.  It is extraordinary how often people do not think about this, and it is vitally important.  Use links, click through, or just type out your contacts at the bottom of the blog.

Get a few advertisers to sign up on your blog

Let’s take a fashion blog as an example.  If you are blogging about fashion, either as an influencer or as a business, why not draw more people to your site?  You can do this by getting advertisers.  Send out mails offering the relevant people / stores the opportunity to advertise on your blog, give them low costs but let them know how many people you reach or you aim to reach.  You have nothing to lose and a few advertisers will pay for your time, your hosting and possibly your next overseas trip.

Blogging for business

The idea of blogging for a business is to draw people, old and new customers, to your business site.  It’s a good idea to keep it business like and consistent.  Don’t blog about the business one day and the weather the next.  If it’s for business, blog once a week, or if it’s daily, at the same time every day.  Be informative and knowledgeable, but accessible at the same time!  And if you want people to find your blog, tag carefully.

Blogging is actually fun, no matter why you are blogging.  It’s an opportunity to improve your writing skills, to learn new words and to learn new ways of engagement.  It’s a way to be creative. Many bloggers have gone from writing a daily diary, to writing a blog, to having a book published.  If you want to improve your writing, try doing Morning Pages.  Wake up and before you do anything, do your morning pages.  Keep a pen and paper by your bed, write for ten minutes on ANYTHING!  Then get up, make your coffee and get to work. And start your blog!

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