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Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools

Creating fresh and original content to keep your audience requesting more can be incredibly difficult. So what do you do to produce original pieces of content that can reflect your brand’s vision as well as cement your spot in the industry? Well, the answer is simple; you can fill in the gaps by curating content that is already out there.

However, uncovering, curating, and sharing effective content is time-consuming. Unless you have the right content Curation tool to assist, content Curation is a one-way street requiring  countless hours of hunting, digging, and detecting quality content. 

This is one of the reasons why marketers and social media managers are using technology to find valuable content to be shared and getting analytics to determine what works and what doesn’t. Being a marketer, you must understand that sharing curated content can get you more followers and better engagement on social media, but you also need to optimize it so it can pay off. 

There are many content Curation tools that can assist you, but before we move on to our list of Curation tools, let’s have a look at what content Curation actually means. 

What is Content Curation? 

Simply put, Content Curation is the act of finding, gathering, and presenting digital content about specific subject matter. Although it is considered a buzz word in the content world, it is becoming a marketing necessity for many renowned enterprises. 

Unlike content marketing, content Curation does not generate content, but it is a presentation of an assortment of content from a variety of sources delivered in an organized fashion. Similarly, the job of a content curator is not to produce original content, but to assemble relevant content pertaining to a specific genre. 

Take the example of Wikipedia writers to understand the job of content curators. Just like a Wikipedia writer gathers relevant information about a specific topic and assembles it in the form of an article, a content curator gathers relevant content about a specific subject assembling it in a creative way to engage the audience. 

The only difference between them is that on Wikipedia a writer must follow the rules to write curated information on the platform, but a content curator has the freedom of choosing the type of content and can be creative with the content. 

There are many content Curation tools that you can find online. However, here is a list of eight of the best tools that can help you to improve your marketing strategy. 

Top Content Curation Tools

1. Scoop.It—Create and Share Creative Content

If you are unable to search for valuable content, may be the answer to all your worries. The tool helps you to create boards for specific topics that may interest you and find related content to them. It is one of the best resources to find quality content quickly and easily.

Using scoop, you can find the right people who can add to your board and follow them for more. You can save a lot of time by finding unique and relevant content to share with your audience on social media. Although it is a free tool, you can also use the premium account for better research and quality content curation. 

2. Pocket—Start Saving To Pocket

Pocket enables you to save interesting video content, articles, images, and more found online to be shared at the desired time. It is easy to use and allows you to share links through Buffer, Facebook, Twitter, as well as emails.

You can sign up at pocket and install the browser extension to save content at any website with a single click. One of the most beneficial features of the tool is its ability to tag saved content as well as keeping the list of saved items organized. Pocket is an excellent for beginners and business startups looking for a solution for their content marketing strategies.  

3. Feedly—Discover All In One Place

 One of the most best tools in the list for amassing RSS feeds. It enables you to add content from various business relevant websites and blogs to produce a feed of valuable content. Simply put, Feedly offers business centered content along with incorporating YouTube videos to boost the written content.

One great feature of Feedly is its privacy. It enables you to brainstorm ideas behind the scenes with your team which is a bonus since content creation requires teamwork. 

Other than that, it can organize your content into relevant categories so you can easily locate the right content to be shared. You can easily share relevant posts directly from Feedly interfaces to each of your social accounts. 

Feedly also has a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android so you can have your curation done while on the go!

4. ContentGems—Discover and Share Creative Content

As the name indicates, it is a content discovery engine with some really powerful features. ContentGems goes through thousands of websites and content sources to find the most relevant and up-to-date content for you. The tool enables you to organize the content according to your preferences and further filter it by keywords, media, and more. 

The advanced filtering features enable you to find the content preferred by your audience. You can share it through various channels, including your social media profiles, your blog, website, newsletters, mobile apps, and more. 

5. Anderspink—Discover, Curate and Integrate

Anderspink is a relatively new platform for content curation. It helps you to find content based on your topics of interest and enables you to create “briefings” for your content.

You can set your preferences based on keywords and filter the results to get the content from specific resources, including RSS feeds, Twitter influencers, and even various websites. Once you’re all set up, your briefings will be automatically updated every few hours to the latest content. For example, if you have a twitter account, your Twitter home screen will automatically show the updated content according to the subject of the content you most share on the platform. 

You can set your streams up at Anderspink free of charge and you can also download the iOS or Android app so you can curate content from anywhere in the world. 

6. Triberr—Amplify Content and Social Reach with the Power of Tribes!

Triberr is influencer marketing software offering curators the ability to discover great content. Triberr provides you an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and share their content with your audience. This tool is great for bloggers, influencers as well as small businesses looking to attract and engage their audience through effective content marketing.

Triberr is an efficient tool providing assistance in finding content, curating it, promoting and sharing it as well as monitoring to help achieve your goals. As the name indicates, Triberr is a community of tribes curating their own content while promoting each other’s content. 

The tool is free to use and allows you to create up to 3 tribes for free, providing you with the ability to share content among specific groups while automating the distribution of other curators’ content. 

7. Curata—Engage and Inspire Your Audience

An intelligent content curator tool which enables you to find articles and content based on your preferences. Simply put, it is an enterprise solution offering the ability to curate content using filters, including domains, keywords, and phrases. Curata is a smart tool that learns, and adapts to, your content preferences and ensures that you share only the best content online. 

Another great feature of Curata is that it helps you to organize the curated content as well as providing you with an option to create your own blog post within the tool, enabling you to add your own voice within the curated content while sharing it. 

Although a paid service, Curata guides you through the process of finding, curating, and sharing content to your target market while being consistent. 

8. Drumup—Share Great Content With Your Social Accounts

Drumup is an efficient social media management and content curation tool that can help you to find valuable content and resources on a specific topic. Apart from that, it also allows the user to distribute and publish content across a variety of social media channels without any hassle. 

One of the most valuable features of the tool is that it allows you to save the content so it can be scheduled and shared at some other time through a calendar form. You can also edit and delete posts before they are shared on various platforms. 

Drumup is simple to use and has an effective workflow. Drumup offers a free plan. However, you can access its premium features through a paid subscription.  

Final thoughts

Content curation is a great way to keep your audience engaged by sharing creative content. Content curation tools help in discovering and sharing relevant content with an audience. They save time that was previously spent on finding good content. So, choose the best curation tool to meet your content marketing needs.

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