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How to use WhatsApp API to Engage and Interact with Customers?

Do you know there are more than 1.5 billion users of WhatsApp around the world? Some of them are already customers of your brand while others are the potential target audience to expand your customer base and make your brand famous. Moreover, WhatsApp offers a secure end to end encryption messaging service that enables private conversations with each person. So why not use the facility to promote a business enterprise and take it to more audience across the globe?

How does one do that? WhatsApp has restrictions when it comes to promotions using their app. But they provide API WhatsApp integration which allows the brands to officially use the app as a medium of communication with customers. There are numerous companies in the market who lease their platform for brands to integrate the WhatsApp API and create a messaging system. 

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using the services of such companies. 

  • Availability 
    • The support staff from companies works round the clock to ensure that brands face no issue in sending messages to customers. They see to it that a load of messages is balanced geographically and that the messages are delivered on time to all customers. 
    • All platforms are monitored constantly for any bugs or glitches which are sorted immediately. Apart from WhatsApp, brands can use other messaging systems such as messenger, SMS, voice call, etc. All mediums can be monitored from a single platform. 
  • Secure and Safe 
    • There are companies which are ISO certified for the quality of services they provide. Such companies make sure that they follow policies strictly, provide restricted access and perform vulnerability testing. 
  • Reliable 
    • A cloud-based platform is reliable and runs 99.9% of the time. They maintain backup support and see to it that brands have no trouble in using their services.

Now, talking about the advantages of using WhatsApp to communicate with customers and for promotional purposes, here are some of the reasons why the API WhatsApp integration is a good and innovative idea. 

  • Send Notifications 
    • Keep customers informed about new deals, offers, their product bookings, deliveries, and provide a purchase link by sending real-time notifications. 
  • Customer Support 
    • This is indeed a crucial part when it comes to keeping customers happy and satisfied. Allowing customers to send private messages about any queries, complaints, etc. and responding to them will ensure that they realize the brand is serious about customer satisfaction. 
    • Customers can share pictures, exactly point out what the problem is, making it easier for the support staff to act on it immediately. 
    • Answering FAQs, sending automated replies and getting back to the customer with a solved issue is a great way to ensure customer loyalty and retention. 
  • Brand Expansion and Product Discovery 
    • Use WhatsApp to convert conversations into transactions. Send details about a product or a service to customers. Use the interface to include high-quality images and video for better results. 
    • Appeal to a wider spectrum of the target audience. Send attractive images of various products along with details about it. 
    • Customize the process by segregating the audience according to their tastes and specifications. 
    • Help customers find the products they are searching for. Hand over the conversation to a human at the right time to complete a transaction. 
  • Set Automated Responses
    • If it is not possible for the support staff to respond immediately to a customer’s message, use bots to send automated messages. Let customers know their message has been received and will be taken up. 
    • Also, setting automated responses saves time for the support staff. They do not have to respond to general queries repeatedly and can focus on handling  complaints. 
  • Alternate Between Bots and Live Chats
    • Never miss any customer message. Access the panel from web and mobile. If a message requires human intervention, step in and reply to the message. 

It has been noticed that using WhatsApp to communicate with customers has increased the number of sales and customer satisfaction.

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