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How to Turn Creative Hobbies into Online Business to Earn Money

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A lot of people wish they could make extra money online. There are literally hundreds of gurus on the internet who try to sell their courses on how to work from home or start a home-based business. Often, these courses give people unrealistic expectations which lead them nowhere. The reality is that you don’t need to listen to these expensive gurus to learn how to make money online. In fact, you can use the current knowledge that you have right now to get started today. For Example, You can earn some easy cash by investing in the financial markets but for this, you need to know the best forex brokers to stay on the safe side.

Hobbies can turn into online income

All of us have at least one hobby that we like to do in our leisure time. But if you have a creative hobby, you can capitalize on this skill and generate an income from it. Some examples of hobbies that can potentially make money include writing, photography, playing music, drawing, model building, knitting, and even shopping. Yes, that is right, even shopping gives you leverage to earn money.

The World Wide Web will be the main tool for driving this form of income generation. If you have a computer and high-speed internet connection, you have a powerful and free way to advertise your creative skills. Now, why would anyone want to pay you to use these skills? The answer to that question is simple. Somebody who does not possess those same skills and needs a project done which requires the use of those skills.

Creative Freelancing

Let’s look at writing as an example. Writing is a hobby that is perhaps the number one way to make money online. Some people write books, letters, articles, blog posts, journals, stories, poems, or whatever else interests them. If you like to write, you can sell a service to write for other people. This doesn’t require you to have a degree or professional writing experience. Instead, you will be working as a freelancer by marketing your writing services to people who need content written for them.

Use freelancing websites like to find potential clients who post up their writing projects for contractors to bid on. You could also make your own website for marketing your services too. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with up-to-date SEO practices because that will be the most effective way to draw organic traffic to your website in the long term. Regardless, you don’t need to limit yourself to just writing. If your skills lie somewhere else, you can utilize them in the same way too. 

For instance, if you are a photographer who knows how to take good quality pictures, you can find people online who will hire you to take certain types of pictures for them. Alternatively, you could take photographs and sell them as royalty-free images on websites like Then you would earn money each time someone pays for the right to use your photograph. The best part is that hundreds or even thousands of people can purchase the same photograph. You never lose it after you sell it once. That is the beauty of it. 

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As for people who don’t have any creative skills, do you like to go shopping? What if you could turn shopping into a fun activity that makes you money? You can do this by shopping for inexpensive items that you can resell for a profit online. People are doing this all the time on websites like Amazon and eBay. They will visit thrift stores and garage sales to purchase discounted items and then flip them on e-commerce websites for more than they paid. 

You can even use the Amazon Seller app to scan the barcodes of items that you find in the store and see what their lowest selling price is on Amazon. Then you will know if they are worth purchasing before you even spend the money on them. There are other apps where you can do the same thing on eBay too. 


It is not hard to make money online. You just need to do some research and invest your time into establishing yourself to potential clients. Utilize all the freelancing platforms and advertising tools that the internet has to offer. If you have any confusion about this or wish to learn a new skill, you can find plenty of educational videos on YouTube that can help.

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