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Up and Coming Search Engines in 2020

With tech giant Google leading the pack in the world of search engines, it’s hard to imagine any other search engine beating it. However, there are a few that have a lot of potential. Take a look at some up and coming search engines below:

Good Gopher

If you hate any sort of propaganda online, give Good Gopher a try. It’s dubbed as a search engine that bans corporate propaganda and government disinformation. 

Propaganda is a nebulous word, but it’s basically any biased information that can lead to misinformed decisions. Good Gopher uses multiple walls of security to provide added filtration in case any search results try to give you false claims.  This way you’ll be able to get more reliable sources without having to filter through potential conspiracy theories. 

Semantic Scholar

This academic search engine was launched in 2015 with the sole purpose of helping you search for scientific publications. Over the years, they’ve refined their search engine to help you find relevant scientific studies. Whether you’re a student doing research or a member of the scientific community looking for relevant literature, Semantic Scholar can help you out.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that isn’t just a catchy name. It contains a lot of neat features like infinite scrolling and a user-friendly UI. One of its most popular features is “Instant Answers,” which provides you with answers to your query without needing to click on any of the results. DuckDuckGo always has an Instant Answer for all your questions.

One of DuckDuckGo’s most useful features is the !bang command, which helps you search within a site. So if you want to search eBay for a wireless charger, simply input “!ebay wireless chargers” to immediately see the top results.


If you have ever wanted to learn about something and couldn’t find enough information on it online, you need to try BoardReader.

BoardReader is a search engine that pulls results from online forums and threads. Simply type your keyword, and it will show you results from hundreds of threads and comments that contain that keyword. We can all collectively agree that the search feature in forums doesn’t always give the best results. That’s what makes BoardReader a possible contender for the best search engine for people who frequent forums.

Hot is a simple, straightforward one that gives you fast results. The first page of the results isn’t exactly what you’ll find in other search engines, but that’s part of its appeal. will provide you with a not-so-typical results page, particularly an array of organic results from lesser-known sites. And interestingly, it will also show you some adult content on certain searches. 

It’s a sleek search engine with an opt-out feature for those who value their privacy. With a few tweaks, might become a huge search engine in the next year.


HotBot has upcoming features such as their own VPN service and browser extension to double down on providing you with privacy online. At the moment, HotBot’s biggest edge in the field of search engines is its privacy policy. Through their “Search Safely with HotBot” initiative, the site claims not to collect or use your private data.

HotBot uses different backgrounds whenever you go to their homepage. This helps the homepage feel more engaging, especially for younger users. Speaking of younger users, this search engine also has a strict Safe Search mode. Parents can turn on this setting to ensure that kids won’t inadvertently run into any racy search results.

Watch out for these up and coming search engines next year. One day, one of them might start to close the gap with Google.

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