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5 Mistakes Most Students Make But You’ll Avoid in the Simplest Way

Student life is full of various challenges – from making ends meet to the preparation for exams and writing a Masters or PhD dissertation. You may have already developed your own routines that help you stay more productive and less stressed by the workload during a term. However, there is a certain list of things that most students do wrong. Avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls is especially important when it comes to completion of a culmination paper for getting a degree – a dissertation. These are the main mistakes you should avoid making at all costs: 

1. Letting Procrastination Take Over You 

Every student is familiar with this phenomenon when there is no time, but there are many excuses not to a particular task, for example, to write a dissertation. The more important and overwhelming the task appears to be, the more dreaded you feel at the idea of getting started. You keep postponing and promise yourself to start next Monday. The deadline is approaching, and your real chance of writing a good paper fades. 

How to avoid: Start working on the dissertation early and manage your schedule. Set a deadline by which each chapter should be completed. This sounds boring, yet nobody has invented another way to get this project done on time. 

2. The Lack of In-Depth Analysis of the Matter

Restating and reiterating the material from the sources is not enough for a strong dissertation. The dissertation is supposed to show critical thinking skills, an original interpretation of findings or a unique solution to a problem. If yours doesn’t, you’ll only get the lowest grade or fail to defend it at all. 

How to avoid: Assume an informed committee – they’ve heard the ideas of leading scientists in your field before and expect original conclusions from you. Learn the dissertation requirements closely and keep them in mind as you write. 

3. The Failure to Organize Your Day Effectively 

Most students study in bursts, procrastinating for weeks and then learning the material for a few days and nights non-stop. While this strategy might help you pass an exam, it’s proven to be inefficient when it comes to dissertations writing. If you don’t study regularly, you cannot produce a complex paper requiring extensive research. 

How to avoid: Devote a little time to dissertation writing every day, even if it’s going to be 1-2 pages of writing. Choose a time when you’re most productive and beat the temptation to spend this time out with friends or playing an online game. Creating a detailed daily schedule that involves physical activity and enough sleep will foster your motivation and productivity even more. 

4. Letting Some Issues Break the Day 

Writing well-researched content is imperative for your dissertation, yet universities require that you use academic English and format it as per guidelines. Seemingly minor, style, grammar and spelling errors can eventually lead to a lower grade. 

How to avoid: Learn the guidelines of the required style (APA, MLA or other) and take enough time to proofread after the paper is written. Or, find and buy a dissertation proofreading service – they’ll polish all the minor flaws in your writing at a cheap cost. 

5. Not Asking for Help When You Need It 

A rare student can complete the entire dissertation on their own. Some students are too shy to ask questions to the university advisor or to find an outside tutor. However, not seeking help when you need it might lead to a failure of the entire project. 

How to avoid: If your advisor is too busy and the number of questions about the dissertation overwhelms you, it might be a good idea to buy dissertation help. An academic writer can create an entire dissertation for you, add the missing chapters or revise the work you’ve already done. Reliable companies often give discounts off the large purchase.

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