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The iPhone 11 will be Announced in September, What Will it Entail?

Every time Apple announces a new product, people get very excited. The company has a loyal group of followers who love to buy up anything they have to offer. Leading up to their usual product reveal in September, we are in peak rumor seasons about Apple and their new phones. With leaks coming from Apple’s supply chain in Asia, we are starting to see what the iPhone 11 has in store and what will be different when it is announced. However, Apple is notoriously secretive and there are a few key things we still don’t know.

What We Don’t Know

There are typically two pieces of information we don’t know until Apple officially announces their new products. One is based on the name of the product, they don’t typically allow this to get out, and the second is how they will be priced. These always cause speculation, but the iPhone 11 is producing a particular kind of hype. Apple is great at building a narrative around the progress of their products and their media events reflect this kind of spectacle.


A lot of rumors go around leading up to an Apple announcement, and this time rumors suggest that Apple will redefine the iPhone XR’s successor as the new flagship model. While we don’t know what the phone will be called, people are calling it iPhone 11. According to the experts at the site MoneyPug, which is used to find mobile phone deals, the XR is between the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS Max, but it is cheaper than both.

All eyes have been on the cutting-edge technology of the XS models, but the iPhone XR has been very popular. It combines two factors that consumers like—a low price and a big screen. This can be relatively cleaned up by calling the iPhone XR’s successor the iPhone 11. This new model could have a level clarity never before achieved.

If the iPhone XR becomes the iPhone 11 this September, there are a lot of questions on successors to the iPhone XS and XS Max. Most people are calling the theoretical phone the iPhone 11 Pro. Apple will likely premier a new high-end product that will cost more than the flagship phone but with features that go beyond it. For example, Bloomberg reported that Pro models will feature three rear cameras and improved video recording capabilities. Reverse charging and improved durability are also expected.

What We Know

Bloomberg’s exclusive reporting reveals some key details. For one, Apple is abandoning the short-lived Roman numeral style and changing the names of  two premium models to Pro. The XR name will also go when its successor is revealed.
Next, the controversial tripe cameras on the iPhone Pros will work in unison, capturing three photos of everything you take. While these images will be combined into a single photo, if the camera cut out a person who was captured by the wide-angle lens you can add them into the composite photo. Video will also be upgraded, with a range closer to professional cameras. Users will be able to apply filters, retouch, reframe, and even re-crop the video while it is being shot.

Reverse wireless charging will be available on all three iPhones. An improved shatter resistant technology will make all three iPhones more durable. A new generation of Face ID supports multiple angles. Water resistance has been dramatically enhanced. The new phones will be able to be submerged in liquid for a lot longer than previous models. 3D touch has been scrapped in favor of standard haptic feedback. The A13 chipset has a new component called AMZ, which offloads math-heavy tasks. There will also be a new matte finish available.

It is always the same when it comes to Apple’s new products. They work in secret and the closer it gets to their product reveal, more comes out about their new models. Still most of these details are rumors, only a few things are known for sure. Though we can’t know all the details, it is clear that the new iPhone model will be exciting and cutting-edge. We just have to wait around for a while to find out what exactly they have in store.

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