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Earn Money with These 9 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

If you are a regular blogger, either by hobby or to make an income, you should really consider affiliate programs as the revenue model for your website. Affiliate programs are a great way to turn your hobby or even business to a more scalable level where you stand to reap great monetary benefits. 

You can use some other forms of advertising in conjunction with affiliate programs without facing any problems. The income you stand to earn is passive and may seem too good to be true, but affiliate programs aren’t a scam that will rip you off. It’s something serious that you can’t afford to miss.

Let’s explore the best affiliate programs that will help you turn your blog into a scalable business and put you on course to make some good money. 


Bluehost is great if you blog for other bloggers and if you post content about WordPress sites and hosting services. Bluehost is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there of this sort. 

Their pay is quite decent, sitting at $65 per user signup, which is good cash with little effort put in. Bear in mind that Bluehost works best for WordPress blogs, so your content has to stay relative.


ShareASale is a great affiliate program with various retailers you can choose, which means you can find the ones related to your niche. The diversity helps you select the best and you can opt for the retailer you think will benefit you the most. The pay is determined by the retailer you use, so you have to check each one individually.

ShopStyle Collective

ShopStyle Collective is easy to sign up for because the only requirement is a proper website or blog. It is based on the fashion industry and is a unique affiliate program with different offers and services. 

The foremost peculiarity of ShopStyle Collective is that you don’t need to seal the deal to get your cash, but they pay on a per-click basis. 

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FreshBooks is a bookkeeping service available online and is one of the favorites among business owners. It makes their life easy because it automates everything for them. 

It also makes a great affiliate option because you get to earn $5 per lead and can increase that cash when you close the sale by receiving $55. FreshBooks is high paying and should be specifically marketed to business professionals.


Target is a popular online shop that has a diverse range of products that span various niches. It is a great online shop for your affiliate program because you will most certainly find a product that you can use. Target is also a trusted name and provides fast shipping. 

The commission you will receive from this program is 4% of the value of the sale. You won’t go wrong with Target and you won’t experience any fuss, from the onboarding process to the income-generating phase.


Teachable is an affiliate program that is easy-to-implement and can help you earn passive income using your link. If an account is registered under your link, you will receive monthly income for as long as that account still exists. 

It is different from other services that pay once-off and their current rate is 30% of the monthly subscription. It is an education-based affiliate program that is focused on online courses so your blog must be about education or online courses.


GoDaddy is perfect if you blog mostly about website designing or other relative content. If you post regular tips related to website designing, you can include a call to action in your blog post that tells the reader to secure their domain name. 

Also, GoDaddy is a hosting service provider and by using their affiliate program, you can earn a good income through commissions. Their rate for each sale is 40%, which is a very high rate when compared to other affiliate programs.


Bloggers more focused on the creative industry and creative skills development can opt for this affiliate program. CreativeLive is an affiliate program that focuses on online classes that teach creativity skills and is good for almost all niches. The rate they pay is $1 and an additional fee of 20% per sale. 

All niches can benefit from this because even professional businesses need the services of creative individuals. Not to mention, if your blog is about creative skills or digital marketing, you will earn considerable amounts of cash with it.

Amazon Prime Pantry

If you are a food blogger, this affiliate program is the best for you because it focuses on online grocery shopping. You can easily prompt your followers to use Amazon Prime Pantry to buy their supplies to cook the food you blogged about.

It isn’t too hard to get them to buy on this online store and for their purchase, you will get 5% of the sale. Plus, this will help your clients skip the trip to the grocery store, which saves their time.


Earning passive income is possible with affiliate programs. The great part about this form of marketing is that it is not obtrusive. You can work at home. So, if you are a stay-at-home mom, this is a great way to make some money without abandoning your household duties. Comparing and choosing the best affiliate program is essential for you to get great results from this way of fruitfully using your blog to earn regular money.

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