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The Benefits of Outsourcing Game Software Development

The gaming industry and offshore software development companies have a long tradition of collaborating with one another. From big companies that outsource part of their tasks when creating a game to startups that outsource most of their development, the gaming industry has its fair share of experience working with offshore development teams. 

It makes sense. Developing a game is a challenging (and even daunting) endeavor. There are so many tasks involved, from graphic design and sound editing to the core mechanic themselves, that collaborating with an external team can be a welcomed aid – provided it’s done right. Since this isn’t a trend or a fad that’s going away, let’s check how you can benefit from hiring offshore development services to work on your next game.

1. It makes financial sense

The most cited reason for outsourcing game development is cost-efficiency. Working with offshore developers to make part of, or the entire game can be significantly less costly than having a team of in-house developers working on all the aspects of the game. 

How can it be? For starters, you don’t have to hire developers yourself, which means that you won’t go through a lengthy process that would cost you time and money. Additionally, offshore development services often have more competitive prices than onshore alternatives. Finally, you won’t have to invest in infrastructure to get the game development going. 

Of course, thinking only about saving money can lead your project to ruin. There are extremely cheap options that won’t be able to offer quality work. Balancing costs and quality is key to enjoy this benefit.

2. It brings an experienced team without the need for training

If you’re serious about your game, you’ll set a minimum acceptable quality for it to have a shot with the public. To get to that, you’ll need a development team that has the necessary expertise in the different areas that make up a game. Finding that talent can be hard, especially in a competitive market – and that’s without considering the potential costs!

That’s why offshore software outsourcing companies are a good choice. They offer a larger talent pool than the one you can access in your immediate vicinity. But it’s not just about the numbers – there are more developers with the expertise you’re looking for. That means that you’ll get the team you need for your game, on-demand and ready to go.

3. It provides you with advanced tech

Since all game development needs high-end equipment and software, you’d have to purchase the resources if you were developing your game in-house. That can quickly ramp up the costs and can even break your budget, especially if you’re part of a startup or small company. Fortunately, you can use offshore software development to avoid that trouble.

Offshore companies that specialize in gaming development already have the cutting-edge technology needed to work on all kinds of projects. 

4. It offers you different perspectives

The game industry doesn’t just depend on technical skills, it also needs the creative spark to keep things interesting and fun. When working with the same development team in different projects, you risk falling in the same creative paths and ending up offering different versions of the same thing. On the other hand, when you collaborate with offshore developers, you’ll get fresh ideas and new perspectives that can open up new possibilities for you to follow.

This can be applied to a number of things. While you can use their perspectives in the game’s story and gameplay, it can also mean that they can bring new working techniques, workarounds to avoid certain issues, and even new ways to enhance your game. Differing opinions guarantee diversity which, in turn, often lead to more creative solutions, a must in the gaming industry.

5. Focus on other aspects of your business

All companies, especially the smaller ones, need to do a lot more than just developing the game. They need to deal with administrative tasks, market the brand and the products, manage the employees, and other daily tasks that are needed to keep the business afloat. 

That’s another reason why hiring offshore development services for your game is great. It can let you deal with your daily tasks with the peace of mind that a dedicated and experienced team is working on creating the best possible game. This doesn’t mean you forfeit all control and monitor duties. If you work with the right company, you’ll have frequent meetings to discuss progress, address potential issues, and ensure that deadlines are met.

A great way to boost your game’s development

Offshore software development companies have been allies with the gaming industry for so long now for a reason – they just work. They can bring the necessary experience, work with tight deadlines, ensure the right people are working on the right aspects, and allow you to focus on your core business while they progress. 

Naturally, you’ll only get those benefits if you work with the right partner. As mentioned above, some offshore software development companies only worry about being the cheapest option. Since games need high quality to make a splash in the modern audience, you need to be sure that the offshore development team has the necessary expertise, has a robust portfolio that speaks for itself, has exceptional communication skills, and can demonstrate that it can comply with the proposed requirements and timeline.

Thus, you’ll need to do a thorough research of offshore development outsourcing companies before committing to one of them. That will require an additional effort on your part, but there are various benefits that can change how you understand game development forever.

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