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10 Best Web Designing Tools to help you Work Faster & Smarter

Web designing has grown into a massive industry where professionals are working in a plethora of different domains. Just like the way every job has a set of pre-requisites, designing also demands the individuals to acquire expertise in different tools and applications. 

Gone are the days when designers were limited to the basic applications such as Photoshop. Every profession, business, and region has its own trends of designing a website for its concerned users. It also takes the traditions and local norms into design considerations. 

For example, a website layout for users from New York may differ from that of Dubai. These two regions have an entirely different people, culture, and demands, which creates a noticeable gap between understanding and drafting a Dubai web design from the rest of the world. 

Technology is changing design requirements with every passing day, which is also pushing professionals to learn and use advanced tools that are loaded with innovative features. In this post, I am highlighting some of the best web designing tools that can remove the hassle of finding an application to help you work faster and smarter. 

1. Adobe XD

Adobe is considered one of the best tools when it comes to smarter web designing. It facilitates designing in the most sought-out environment because it is backed by the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. If you have been an ardent user of Adobe Photoshop, you may find it a bit different but more advanced in features and working environment. Extended and improved features for wire-framing and vector designing can be found in this tool. 

2. Affinity Photo

Image editing is a charm in Affinity photos. Designers who have limited roles and responsibilities in their current position may want to acquire expertise in a skill that is more relevant to their job requirements. The tool comes in both desktop and iPad version for design convenience. A collection of useful features helps you unleash the endless possibilities of creating superior designs and images. 

3. Marvel

Marvel is a gem for creating mock-ups of your ideas and for improving a user interface. It helps you sketch out a design idea and shows you how it will look like. Marvel is one of the most effective tools for producing beautiful and interactive web pages. 

4. Sketch

Sketch is a remarkable UI designing tool that has largely replaced the need for Photoshop. It eases the creation of prototypes and hi-fidelity interfaces. With the help of its astonishing feature Symbols, you can produce innovative elements and assets for the user interface, which allow consistent maintenance of the interface. The tool has amassed a vibrant community of coders that helps beginners with a collection of add-ons and plugins. 

5. Flinto

For creating distinct designs that users have never interacted with, Flinto is the tool most prefer. It uses a variety of gestures and transitions and paves the way for brilliant animations. The only difficulty in using this tool is that it works only on machines that are powered by iOS. 

6. InVision Studio

If you are looking for an authentic tool for designing a User interface, this is it. InVision Studio has loads of features that not only empower you for the creation of brilliant UIs, but also assists in producing prototypes and collaborative design that is well optimized and responsive as well. 

The tool is quite effective in designing transitions and animations by using various gestures. Creating a complete prototype and then exporting it for use is made easier with this application. You can design and view side by side to remove any error or ambiguity from the final product.  

7. Pattern Lab

For designing beautiful patterns, Pattern Lab is a useful tool. The application essentially divides the core design into smaller parts, allows you to design each part, and then combines the parts into a complete product. The strategy it follows in crafting designs is called Atomic design. Each divisible unit has an individual presence and can be used either separately or in a combination. 

8. Orion Icon

Designers need icon libraries for readily available icons they can use. Designing them from scratch can be a complete waste of time. Orion Icon provides designers with a searchable icon pool. Icons can be customized in color, style, and choice. Use the existing library or extend it with custom icons for each project that you complete. 

9. MockFlow

Mocking up your ideas is made easier with the MockFlow application. It is a useful tool which brilliantly depicts the flow between multiple tasks of a project. Designers who are more comfortable creating  wire-frames will likely love this tool. Anyone experimenting with various ideas should try the pro version. 

10. Flare

Flare is an online tool that may require you to work in your preferred browser. Working in the 2-dimensional environment of the tool aids the creation of attractive designs, animations, and vector art.  The availability of so many features makes this tool suitable for a plethora of jobs such as game designing, improving photography and product designs, and web designing. 

Final thoughts 

Relying on a single tool for designing a superlative website is no longer a successful strategy. For each task and phase of a design, a professional can utilize a set of tools which were developed for a specific purpose. A designing tool that is generic in nature may not provide extended support for image editing or may require more time and effort. 

A specialty tool, on the other hand, can provide you with an easier and more comfortable design environment. Therefore, it is always advisable to try multiple tools to explore more useful and interactive features that are most suitable for your project.

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Asad Ali is a digital marketing expert with an extensive experience of 7 years in search engine optimization, conversion optimization and user experience. He is currently working at GoGlobe, which is a specialized Website Design & Development agency backed with years of experience of a team of qualified professionals.