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Data Recovery from an External Disk with a Damaged File System

Very often our external disks may damage causing the loss of data. External USB disks, despite being good storage devices, introduce the risk of physical hazards such as mishandling, dropping, being exposed to harsh environments (cold, heat, moisture etc.) which may cause the loss of your data. But the question then arises; can the External disk data be recovered? The answer to that is “YES”! Wondering how? Read this!

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How did the data get lost?

Among the most common of errors that people make is that they empty the recycle bin which completely removes the reference to where the files were present in the computer. Logical loss of data, on the other hand, is that the data is formatted or deleted accidently. In this case, your recovery chances of data are high because the files are still present in your PC somewhere. 

How do you know that your files are damaged?

There are a few symptoms that you may witness if you are accessing a damaged file system:

  1. The directory or file is not readable or corrupted
  2. The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable
  3. You must format the disk to use it. Format it now?
  4. The volume does not contain the recognized file system.    

Causes of data loss on external hard disk

Here are a few common causes of external disk data loss which we must read to avoid making such mistakes.

  1. The accidental deletion of files as a result of human error can cause your important data to be lost. Although we make these mistakes quite common, they don’t spend much because the data is permanently removed rather can be recovered with recovery software.
  2. Partition/ repartition of the external disk drive may cause loss in the current volume after partitioning, if you try to partition a hard drive which already has partitions.
  3. As a result of File system corruption and damage you may receive a message saying “The file directory is unreadable or corrupted”.
  4. A power failure or an unexpected shutdown can also disturb the operating system causing it to lose data from your hard drive. 

How to recover data from an external hard drive

If you lost your external drive data and want to recover it, here how it’s done.  

  1. Choose the external hard drive on your computer or laptop and use data recovery wizard in external devices tab. Choose the drive where you lost your data and then click scan.
  2. When scan is clicked, the software scans to find the lost data.
  3. Once the scan is over, you can preview the data and save the recorded data in another place.     

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