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Content Writing Assistants to Use for Your Social Media Project

Many people will just ‘wing it’ and try and tap hundreds upon hundreds of words into their blog in the hope that it is good. Invariably, it isn’t. Content is never good the first time you take a swing at things. It may not even be good the second or third time. Making good content for a social media project is a slow process. Thankfully, there are a few tools that you can use to speed everything up.


At the top of the pile is Grammarly. This is a slim little browser addon. Install it, and everything that you type online will be looked at by Grammarly. Every single word of your content will be analyzed. Grammarly will be able to tell you if there are any spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, or if something simply does not read well (jumping between active and passive voice, for instance). It is a ridiculously useful application and one that you are probably going to use well beyond the content that you write.

If you need the project physically written for you, then is the right way to go. This awesome service has a team of writers who have produced content after content for social media projects. Their job is to help ensure that your content is the best that it possibly can be. Yes, their service is a little bit more expensive than some other companies out there, but there is a reason for this. Their content is good. If you use it, it won’t need edits. It can often be posted ‘as is’. Besides, the company often offers research papers for sale online, so that’s a good way to save some cash as well.

Of course, if you want to make sure that the content that you have produced by is the best around, you will want to give them as much information about your project as possible. They will give you what they need. They have helped countless students before.


This is another writing assistant who functions in the same vein as Grammarly. Although the purpose isn’t to check your grammar, it is to make all of those sentences that you have written read a little bit better. This is what is known as an AI writing assistant. There are actually a few of them out there, but people regard Linguix as the best. Once this is installed, if you follow the suggestions, you will become a better writer far beyond the content that you are producing for your social media project.


This is a product that you will only really need to focus on if you are planning to get your blog or social media project ranked in the search engines. SEMrush essentially helps you to craft the best possible content for search engine optimization. It will compare your website against many of your competitors, and provide you with advice on how you can craft your content to beat them. This is a vital tool in the arsenal of any person who is marking online. If you are studying social media at college and plan to ‘make it’ once you leave, then you are probably going to be well-acquainted with SEMrush.


This is an ‘odd’ tool, and maybe it won’t be for everybody. However, if you suffer from writer’s block, then you may want to check it out. The idea is that you type everything into Ilys. You tell it how much you want to write, and then you just type. The catch? You won’t be shown what you have typed before until you have hit your word count. This means that you won’t be forever editing your work, which really saps up your time.


This is a vital tool, especially if you are planning to have your content written ‘externally’. You can run it through Copyscape, and you will be told whether your content appears elsewhere online. If it does, then you will need to edit it until Copyscape no longer flags it as ‘plagiarized’. Again, this is a tool that you are probably going to be using a lot if you are planning to make money from your social media ventures.

Remember; this is just a small snippet of the various content writing assistants out there. There are dozens and dozens more. However, we are sure that if you start with one of these (or maybe all of them), your writing is going to get a whole lot easier for you.

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