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The Benefits of Java Development for Small Businesses

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Java, one of the most popular programming languages in existence, has stood the test of time as a solution for software development even when more than two decades have passed since it was first introduced. Maybe that’s because people know the benefits of using Java for large enterprises. However, there are also plenty of advantages to applying it to small businesses and projects as well.

If you own or lead small business and are thinking of partnering with a Java development company to create your next project, consider Java’s benefits — and learn why more than 180,000 companies around the world use the language. 

1. It’s highly flexible

Many companies choose Java development services because the language has a number of portable features. For example, it’s platform-independent, meaning it can run on many different platforms without major alterations such as code recompilation. 

It’s also an ideal choice for small businesses that intend to grow because projects are scalable and migratable to different environments, such as the cloud. 

2. You can build a variety of products

Java is a general-purpose programming language, so it can be used for a wide variety of application domains. From graphical user interface (GUI) desktop applications and backend website development to Android apps and games, Java developers can apply the language to an enormous range of products. 

For small businesses getting their feet wet in the software market, this means that you can work with a single Java development company to create many different types of products without having to search for talent elsewhere.

3. It has strong testing features

Bug- and error-free products are essential for any business, but for a startup or a small-scale organization, they’re often necessary for survival. The smallest glitch could derail your entire operation! The language facilitates precise testing that helps Java developers identify errors and holes and improves the user experience overall. There are plenty of tools that assist with the Java testing process, helping run unit tests, requirement tests, integration tests, functional tests, and more. JUnit, TestNG, and Selenium are some of the most widely-used tools.

4. It can accommodate many users

Java is able to handle a large number of users simultaneously without slowing down the product. This is an important feature for smaller organizations that may find that their apps and websites expand after their launches — they will need to be able to accommodate different levels of users at any point.  

5. It’s secure

When using Java development services, you can be sure the language is secure. In fact, it was created with a focus on security from the very beginning. Its compiler, runtime environment, and interpreter are all built to prevent hacking, malware, and other attacks. 

Java developers can use features such as bug-detection, encryption and authentication tools, garbage collection, and code management to help prevent security threats and other issues from interfering with product creation. 

6. Development is quick

Small businesses need a fast turnaround on their products. Often, Java development outsourcing can mean a shorter time to market, and the language itself offers features to speed up the process. Application programming interfaces (APIs) improve the functionality of products, and coding time is shortened due to the simplicity of the code itself.

7. Java has a large following and community

Given Java’s popularity and seniority among programming languages, it’s no surprise that it has a large following. A well-established community of experts means that there are numerous resources and plenty of support available. 

Small businesses can also find nearly limitless possibilities when searching for a Java development company to work on their projects, and Java developers, in turn, have access to a wide range of tools and guidance. 

Those include libraries and frameworks, as well as other developers who can assist with troubleshooting and offer advice via forums and other platforms.

8. The language is constantly improving

Java is one of the most mature programming languages available, but that doesn’t mean it’s beyond improvement. It’s frequently being updated with new features to offer an even better experience for programmers and users alike. This is important for businesses of all sizes, who need to stay up to date with the latest tools and technologies. 

For example, the recently released Java 13 includes text blocks in previews, which gives Java developers greater control over the format, and the ability to release unused storage with the Z Garbage Collector, among other enhancements.

The language of choice for many developers, Java can help your small business create limitless products. Its flexibility, range of applications, security, testing features, quick development, community, and frequent improvements are just some of the ways an organization can benefit from using the language, whether you’re looking to build a banking platform or a gaming app. 

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