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8 Reasons Why Mobile Advertising is Essential for Start-ups

Lately, start-ups have become the preferred route to success. More people around the world are inclined towards start-ups and are trying to grow at a fast pace. India also has adapted to this concept. In the past decade, India experienced a start-up revolution, where budding companies were on the rise and young tech moguls were ever-emerging. This was mostly due to the migration from conventional mobile phones to smartphones.

With initiatives like Digital India and Jio, the average Indian user now has access to high-speed internet and a smart mobile device. The Indian business market is evolving constantly, therefore, a change in marketing strategies has become vital for any company’s growth. A popular marketing strategy, which almost always yields a positive result is mobile advertising. Start-up owners need to realise its necessity and start advertising more intelligently in order to increase viewership and in turn, sales. 

Here are 8 reasons why mobile advertising is essential for start-ups:


With about 80% of users in India preferring a mobile-based method of browsing the web, advertising aimed at mobile devices will create a much bigger impact than traditional advertising methods. It is a relatively cheaper alternative that promises to increase viewership and introduces your company to the public eye. With the potential that this market holds, start-up owners must consider mobile users as their primary target.


Modern advertising has become more target-based and personalised. Mobile browsing enables business owners to pick up key information about user behaviour and preferences. When this information is available, marketing can be made less monotonous. Users can begin to receive advertisements based on their preferences. Such marketing tactics result in more click-flow and increased user interest. 


Most users today prefer mobile applications over traditional websites. They have a more responsive and fluid interface that helps users connect with the content. Owners have realised the ease and effortlessness in application-based advertising and they are using this method for easy revenue conversion. Applications serve as a great medium to display content and provide ample information about the brand. The interactive interface makes it a more engaging way to market the brand. 


Ad pop-ups are the most effective way to get noticed by a user. With a large number of companies in the online market, ad pop-ups enable users to see your brand and they create a persona for your company. When noticed by consumers once, future advertisements are also more effective. As users view these advertisements on apps that they use on a daily basis, they become familiar with the brand and start to develop a subliminal connection with it. 

Innovative Content

Mobile phones have a dynamic UI and enable start-up owners to use video advertisements. Users tend to learn more about a brand through video ads and retain more information when compared to static marketing. Responsive marketing that has an audio-visual output ensures that the user does not simply scroll past the ad. This mode of mobile app marketing is highly efficient because the majority of the target audience ends up viewing the ads.


For businesses in the current environment, user review is an integral part of growth. Companies should be aware of what their users want and be able to make appropriate changes to keep customer satisfaction high. 

Active feedback is easy to receive on mobile devices. With the app store or play store, users can give owners one-click feedback. This is an efficient way for a business to receive constructive criticism and confirm that their patrons are satisfied by their service.

SMS Marketing

Instant lists are created with user contacts. SMS marketing is the most effective way to be noticed by an audience because it does not rely on the internet. SMS marketing is also beneficial for building a strong database of subscribers to increase customer loyalty. This is a great way for users to keep track of discounts or services provided by the company and strengthen their relationship with the brand. Short text-based ads serve as great carriers to convey instant updates that are essential for educating consumers.


Consumers today are looking for companies that can be contacted easily. After a sale, consumers can easily call a company on their mobile devices in case of an issue. But, many companies also call patrons to advertise regularly. Although viewed as a slightly annoying marketing strategy, many case studies have shown it to be useful.

These are many ways for start-ups to effectively use mobile marketing strategies to their advantage. If this can’t be done by the company, then it can be outsourced to a digital agency. These agencies have expertise in this field and can ensure that the brand is appropriately marketed. Active marketing in the mobile industry is a great investment and will certainly grow web traffic for your brand.

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