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Basic Guide on Local SEO You Need to Know

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Making use of local search engines could go a long way in improving your online visibility to the relevant market. Every business is looking to make the most out of the global community made available by the internet. We live in a time where information about virtually anything exists in the palm of our hands. This ease in accessing information can be a major advantage for any business owner. In fact, the internet sort of levels the playing field in terms of potential customer reach. To make the most of this advantage, SEO companies have developed a myriad of strategies. Before hiring local SEO services in India, read through this guide to better understand how SEO, and more specifically, local SEO works. 

How Local SEO Works?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that allows our business to be more visible in the online world. Local SEO services in India is meant to make it easier for the clientele closest to you to find your business online. This type of marketing is useful for local companies as well as those operating on a global scale. You need to understand the difference between how local SEO strategies differ from other SEO strategies. 

SEO strategies enable your business to gain visibility on a global scale. However, if your business is specific to the needs of a given location, general SEO strategies might not work for you. Local strategies as the name suggests are tailor-made to enable potential and already existing clients nearest to you to find your business in result pages of various search engines. 

The target for local SEO strategies is to aim at having a business listed in the local pack. Ever search for a plumber for example in a given locality on Google? The results that come up always include a map of the specified geographical location with at least three business names beneath it. This is where you want your local business to be. 

Google My Business and Other Aspects of Local SEO

Local packs help the targeted traffic to gain additional information about your business without having to go to your website. They get to know where you are located, what time you open and close, what days you are operational, any ratings available, as well as images of your business. All this need-to-know information is made available on Google through the creation of a Google business profile. Having accurate information on Google My Business is important as it is not only a platform on which to claim one’s business in the online world, it is also a platform to give the most relevant information about your business. 

The Knowledge Panel on this profile allows you to let your target audience know about the services you offer, where and what time they can find you, how to contact you, what category your business falls under, as well as allowing you to describe your business as you see fit. It also allows your clients to interact with your business and give feedback. Another perk of this tool is that it allows your business information to stay updated making it easier to find. 

Other ways of making use of local SEO strategies is to ensure that you remain as visible and as relevant as possible is by making use of citations. These are basically online spaces that hold information on your business name, its address, website, and any other contact information. You can either make use of structured citations such as listings or unstructured ones such as social media platforms or the press. You need to ensure that the information you have on any citation is up to date to keep your business rankings high. 

Ranking Criteria 

Business rankings in local search engine results are dependent on three key elements. First is the proximity of the business to the person conducting the search. Second is the relevance of the goods and services offered. The third is the feedback provided by others about the quality of goods, services and general experience offered by your business. 

Achieving the right mix when it comes to the ranking criteria can prove to be tedious work. This is especially true for businesses that are located in more than one location. A multi-location business will particularly have a challenge when it comes to localizing their online presence, not to say that it can’t be done. One way to create citations, whether structured or otherwise, is being part of the community within which your business is located. Engaging in local activities not only drums up word of mouth support for your business but increases the chances of visibility on social media platforms. 

You can also build citations by ensuring your business receives good quality and authoritative reviews and has quality backlinks from different but relevant blogs and other online platforms.

Attempting to ensure that your business is local SEO friendly can be a nerve-wracking affair. This is especially true if you are new to the world of SEO. So don’t be afraid to ask for help from local SEO services in India. Just be sure that they understand your business needs.

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