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Free Marketing Tools: Achieve Success with Minimal Budget

Use of free marketing tools allows you to increase brand awareness of the company and the number of sales. For many companies, it’s the only way to attract new customers. Free advertising on the Internet is one of the methods of Internet marketing and a great opportunity for a budding entrepreneur. Specialists from ProHighGrades recommend to try out different promotion options without spending much money. 

In the presence of ingenuity and creative approach, you can build a campaign on the Internet using cheap or free channels, among which are social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Are you in a search for the best tools? We’ve prepared a list of free marketing tools, which will help to boost your business.

How to promote business for free?

Promotion of a business is possible now not only with large budgets. It is important to conduct research and find an approach to your potential customer. Building trustworthy relationships is possible without expensive advertising using high-quality content writing services. It is necessary to use humor, creativity, and all the possibilities offered by online platforms.

A combination of two factors is a must if you plan to achieve success with minimal investments. 

  1. The first is that the company’s assortment must include unique products that truly solve the problem of the customer.
  2. The second is that you use various forms of creative free marketing in order to build connections with your target audience. 

With such a combination, the brand will be able to find its niche in the market within a short period of time, as well as to form a loyal customer base. 

Viral marketing: Minimal costs and great advantages

The technology got its name due to its similarity with the course of an infectious disease. A consumer affected by a “virus” becomes an “advertising carrier”, telling others about the positive experience of working with a brand.

A good example of this technology on the Internet is the campaign launched by GoPro. They came up with an original way to promote the smallest camcorder in the world. The brand used viral videos that spread on the web in just a matter of hours. The highlight of the campaign was the reality of the events recorded on camera. A fireman using a GoPro camera removed a touching story about saving a kitten. Later he decided to share the material on the Internet, which was viewed about 16 million times.

Thus, with a minimum investment, the company achieved the desired results: the brand is firmly associated with user audience with positive emotions.

Noteworthy is the fact that the hero of the video was not a representative of the celebrity, but quite an ordinary person, engaged in his favorite work. The peculiarity of viral marketing is the following: it rarely serves as a generator of increased sales. At the same time, it’s optimally suitable for notifying the audience about promotions, ongoing campaigns, and new product release. Its use makes it possible to attract a large number of users to the event. In this case, the costs of the company will be minimal. It’s almost free!

Top free online marketing tools

The high level of competition among brands on the Internet generates a constant increase in the cost of advertising. However, even small businesses, which don’t have an impressive budget for promotion, can attract the attention of the audience. You can interest users through the methods, which don’t require significant costs.

  • A mailing list. First, you need to develop the base through the website and shops, then interact with your customers via email. It is important to carefully study the rules for creating such lists or refer to a professional writer. Guys from ResumeCvWriter are using it
  • Company blog in social networks: Today, the most popular way of free marketing is in the form of hidden advertising and promotion on the Internet. It works especially well for info business. The main thing here is high-quality posts and really unobtrusive advertising. When posting in social networks, you’re recommended to use analytics tools like Buffer.
  • Free content marketing. Creative marketing does not preclude the creation of relevant and useful content, invariably attracting visitors to the resource, which later turn into loyal customers. This method is free if you work on it on your own. Use SEO content tools to conduct a careful analysis of the content.
  • Youtube videos. One of the most popular methods of marketing on the Internet is videos, a separate channel. Thanks to Youtube, you don’t need special equipment to shoot video and publish it. Just use your smartphone camera. It’s great if your video content is funny and helpful. The perfect video is the one that is funny, useful, and creative. That’s how EditProofRead got promoted
  • Publications in online journals: You can agree with the publication to create a useful article on a topic that will be of interest to the reader. Use expert writing help to create a great article. Also, you can use special free services to interact with the media.
  • Free affiliate marketing programs: Mutual advertising with sites and blogs on similar topics. It works in the mode of unobtrusive recommendations or publications on your behalf on the resource pages. Be sure to make a return gesture.
  • Free training, free online seminars, meetings for clients: Use an opportunity to gather from 50 to 300 potential clients in one place. This free tool is perfect to promote premium services, which are difficult to sell on the Internet. It is important to create an interesting and informative program and it’s desirable to master the skills of public speaking.

And finally, you should remember you are the best tool for promotion and PR business. Pay attention to your brand, personify the mission and values of the company, promote your services, become a bright and memorable person, an expert in your business. And you also require the use of strategies, public relations, and promotion, as well as your products and services. Use the advantages of personal self-promotion, which also do not require large investments with high-quality training and knowledge of the process.

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