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Top 5 Secrets of Business Marketing on Instagram

Running a marketing strategy for your business is not an easy task. Like every brand owner, you too may want to know the top 5 secrets of business marketing on Instagram.

Business marketing has become a major trend in the world of commerce. Today, most brand owners now adopt the process of marketing when trying to reach a wider audience on Instagram. Bringing new clients every day to try out a service now solely depends on how well a brand markets that service to the public. If you are a brand owner, you will see that this is a very challenging thing to do.

To make things flow with a lot more ease, we will look into some of the top secrets of business marketing on Instagram (IG). Let’s get it on.

1. More Followers Means More Engagement

When it comes to the most used feature of IG, it is the following feature. This allows anyone to stay up-to-date with the trending topics that concerns a profile. For a business, having many followers on your profile could mean a lot of things. One of those things is that you are sure to get a huge boost to the number of ways in which your potential clients engage with your products.

Brands can get more followers to their profile by making frequent updates of what they do, the kind of service they offer, and the kinds of products they sell. This is one of the many strategies that help in getting followers that are genuine. Building an audience on IG provides a means for you to grow the rate at which your clients engage. Hence, leading to greater market sales.

2. There Are Available Instagram Tools for Businesses

IG is a very large platform that is used by millions across the globe. With this, developers across the world have developed a wide selection of tools to help business marketing processes on the platform.

Many brand owners do not know about Instagram tools. If you are one of them, you must know about them. In other words, IG tools are software that allow a business to build its audience by simplifying common profile tracking and optimization options. These tools offer the chance to track, analyze, and view insights as regards your content on the IG network. Also as a brand owner, you must know that these tools come in free or paid forms. Here is a list of some of the top IG tools of today.

  • Magisto
  • Magic Social
  • Iconosquare
  • Social Gone Viral

3. Hashtags & Photos Improve Reach

Since hashtags arrived as a feature on the platform, IG has had most of its users experience greater reach. If you did not know about using hashtags for marketing processes, it means you have missed out on quite a lot. Hashtags have become a vital part of every business marketing tactic on IG. You should begin to use them to build a target audience, as well as reach out to a wide range of them.

They also allow brand owners to stay unique. To do this, the use of branded hashtags will have to come into the picture.

Apart from hashtags, using photos to drive the attention of clients to your products is one of the many secrets of business marketing. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. You can covey complex ideas that concern your service or product to your clients. As of October 2015, IG had over 40 billion photos uploaded to its platform. This shows it is an ideal spot for you to send ideas using photos.

4. Business Profiles are Important

Since the rolling out of business profiles, IG has seen a huge boost to the engagement level of many brands. These profiles allow brand owners to keep track of how each one of their posts is being engaged with by people who follow them. The profiles come with special features that offer brand owners a chance to gain useful insights into the performance of posts. As a brand owner, you must know that business profiles are crucial to your marketing tactics.

5. Successful Business Marketing Strategies Include the Use of Sponsored Ads

Adverts are one of the best ways to get new clients with ease. All you need to do is purchase ad spaces and begin to place ads. IG is a social network platform that supports sponsored ads. By using sponsored ads for your business, your tactics are sure to get a huge boost. Sponsored ads help to reduce the efforts you put in in in getting your posts out to new people. Most businesses that have achieved success have always used sponsored ads. You should too.


The above are top secrets to getting more market sales and boosting the ROI of your business marketing tactics. This way, you get to spend less time struggling and spend more time working out more ideas to help you grow your brand.

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